Listen to Jon Lewis on the Radio at 6PR 882 AM Perth Western Australia on line through your computer (Webcast).
It is so easy, all you have to do is...
The stream at 6PR uses windows media player. Some radio stations use different programs for listening. Windows media player comes standard with all windows versions, and is on all computers with windows loaded. If for some reason you haven't got the player on your computer, it can be downloaded free at It has a self installer.
As long as you have this on your computer, it will start automatically when the listen live link from 6PR is clicked.
[Click HERE to listen live to 6PR]
From now on I will refer to the program as WMP.
Now, WMP is usually rather graphic intensive. For better streaming, it's a good idea to turn off the motion display that animates while the stream is coming through. You can turn this off by right clicking on the black area in the program, and selecting "album art"
As the stream uses incoming download, it's a good idea to use as little as possible to do with the internet while the stream is running. Problems that can happen are breakup, buffer stalling, and cache problems. If the stream is breaking up or keeps going off, shut down WMP for a few minutes, and restart. This usually clears the cache, and stops any previous data replaying. If this doesn't fix the problem, restart your computer and try again. If you receive no streaming at all, and WMP gives an error saying the location is not correct, then the server will be down. Try later on, but usually it's the next day.
The stream uses very little bandwidth, so you can listen for quite a long time without too much download being used.
Depending on your RAM (random access memory), having several programs open at the same time while listening can also cause the stream to stop, break or stall. Shut down some of the programs, and restart WMP, and try again.
Dave Brown
Jon Lewis in 6PR's Studio 2
Two nights a week Jon Lewis Live is broadcast from night until morning on radio 6PR 882 AM in Perth Western Australia. He is the number one host / compere with over 40 000 people listening in.
When is Jon Lewis on the radio...
Midnight to 6am Saturday morning
Midnight to 6am Sunday morning
(Perth Western Australian time)