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Hi Jon, Could you please confirm as to whether you received my new email address.Also are you playing "know your news"straight after the midnight news.One last favour:does any of the j.i.m.s. have a copy(either on record or cd)of Yoko ONO'S"mrs lennon"?I would love to get a copy of this song.I'm on a disability pension,so I can't afford to pay too much.

Kind Regards Don.


Hi Jon, my first email at the age of 37 not bad hey .this is not a joke .please let me know if this works. Chris


Hi Jon, thought i would send you a easter message,thank you for a terrific show kindness is never wasted. If it has no effecton the recipient at least it benefits the bestower.

Have a great easter, Carole


G'day Jon, A little bit of trivia for you. Did you know that there is a number for directory assistance that is FREE. It is 1223 (as to 12 455 where this is charged at 25 cents) and is exactly the same service. Apparently Telstra, under Government law is supposed to provide a free operator service - hence the number 1223. They are trying to make as much money as possible with the number 12455. Pass this on to everyone. Why did they bother to change from 013 anyway? Everyone remembered that number too easily huh? Regards Chris Port Kennedy


G'day Jon, I would be pleased to receive your news letter. I only

get to listen in on occasions when the satellite

traffic on board is low as voice data takes up a good

deal of room on the signal. This slows every thing

else down and we need the signal for other

communications and navigation etc. I hope all is well

and look forward to receiving your news letter. Kind Regards, Tony.


Hi Jon. I am a nurse at the Cottage Hospice (featured In tonight's programme).

Social and spiritual welfare came from all people interviewed - the taxi driver, you and all of us at the Cottage Hospice (and particularly Trish and Jenny).

I and my 22 year old son ,who get on really well but obviously a generation apart, Both listen to you from Friday to Tuesday - independently and for different reasons - and we have both wondered why you work at night.

I still think you would far outclass day time programme presenters but, having seen this presentation, fully understand why you choose to work these rather unsociable hours.

(As an aside and referring to vet Andrew on Monday night my daughter and I both had "glued" abdominal incisions within 3 weks of each other and we haven't fallen apart yet!) Sue


Hello Jon, I found some interesting double features at the Luna Cinemas,

Leederville. The arrangement of the titles appeal to my sense of humour



Dogville / Swimming Pool

Spanish Apartment / Le Divorce

Love Actually / Intolerable Cruelty

Shattered Glass / Getting Square

Goodbye Lenin! / Nowhere in Africa


I wonder if the programmers meant to put these together as shown? Owen



Hi Jon. What a gentleman you are , after listening to you every morning @ 4.30am going to work its a wonderful radio station, would you be possible to play my favorite song at that time will be appreciate which is by Gilbert Becaud its Love and understanding thanks. God Bless. Gerard The Chef


Mate, Saw you on George Negus tonight. I didn't know you were so big in the radio industry. Great interview. Michael.


Dear Jon, Thankyou for talking with me the other night...first re Moora and site

of the new Hospital ... and I told you I was in the hip queue.

I mentioned the bone donor form from the hospital re. conditions of

accepting our remains. It had included a question on travel in Europe

and UK between 1980 and 1996...and you said it was because of the Mad

Cow disease and I thought you were joking!

But on the form at the end it states that if one had been there for 6

months or longer between those dates they would in no way want our bones

for fear of that very thing!!!

I was there for 2 months for a daughter's wedding in Florence and also

visiting relatives in I have learned something!

I didn't eat the actual cows...only pasteurised milk products luckily,

so I should be OK.

My daughter in Italy has strontium in her recent cell analysis as she

went picking and eating lots of mushrooms after the rains after

Chenyobill{Sorry cant spell it.}

She recently had a hair trying to get well from Chronic

fatigue...and has mercury. arsenic and strontium undesirable elements in

her cells. Your programme is a big comfort in the early hours and I still tell

people about New York Debbie testing the meat in the markets!!!

Strangely they didn't want to know if I had been to the USA.

Very good wishes and thank you...from Jenny.


Hi Jon, Re: The people of Ballendorf being bribed with sausages and beer...could almost see your mouth salivating as you wrote that. An excellent range of those same types of top quality smallgoods can be purchased right here in Perth...I shop there weekly...! Elmar's Smallgoods, 493 Beaufort Street, Highgate. 6003. Wonderful to see the numbers of recipients of you super Newsletter gradually creeping up. Well done and Thankyou Jon. Regards, Lyn


Jon, Just wanted to contact you and say that I love your show. It has become

part of my nightly ritual before falling into the land of slumber. Not

that your show puts me to sleep but as an insomniac I find it helps me to

relax when I cant sleep. Anyway keep up the good work. I have only ever phoned in once when you had a mind challenge concerning numbers I enjoy the regular callers and hearing

peoples thoughts on a wide range of topics. Cheers mate Reg


Hi Jon. I like your show alot. Does the coffee keep you awake or just keep you on the move? Regards Jacqui


Hi Jon, regarding the smoking ban in Ireland, if the law was able to be enforced it would work, but think about it, all the pubs in Ireland and so few inspectors. All the best jim




Hi Jon, I just wanted to let you know that I love receiving your newsletter. I was wondering if you could also let your listeners know that there will be a Rally for Peace and Justice in Palestine this Saturday 27th March 2004 2.00pm at the Esplanade (cnr Barrack st, the Esplanade). It would be great if people could attend to show their support for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Amna


Hello Jon, Interesting reading:) Rosie


Good evening Jon. Still enjoy your program in the early mornings. You have so much patience with every one. Are you going to host a breakfast at Forrestfield this year? We have been for the past couple of years and enjoyed meeting you and its just such a great way to start the morning. Keep up all the good u do for the community. Regards Fran


Hey Jon. I have been listening to you since you came on tonight. I think the web cam idea wouldn't really work because I don't think it would be really interesting. Dunlop


Hi Jon, I was wondering if anyone went to the Enrique Iglesias concert and what did they think of it? My name is Nigel, bye


You are correct Jon. There is no safer way to double your money in about

6yrs risk free other than property. I bought 2 units in Maylands in 1998.

One for $40 000 and the other for $69 000. I bought a house in Maylands in

1992 for $83 000 and in '98 used the equity to purchase the properties. The

house was sold Feb 2003 for $190 000. It was a 2 bedroom character home sold

as an unfinished project- no paint on the walls, no carpet and no garden.

With the work completed it would have sold for about $210 000. I sold

because the mortgage payments and the increase in price in the area I wanted

to purchase next would have cancelled out if I kept it any longer.

Units are best because the complex is managed through a stata body which

takes care of everything out side your 4 walls and some things inside your 4

walls for an annual fee which is tax deductable. I manage them myself but

you can have a property management office do it for you for a tax deductable


I tend to disagree with the caller. I would not buy a property that I would

not live in myself. If you are not prepared to live in it why would some one

else live in it! Also, you have to be prepared to spend some money on it to

keep tenants long term. Most people have the perception that you buy a

property and make a lot of money from the rent. By definition negative

gearing is a bad investment because you have more out goings than ingoings.

The benefits are in the tax deductions against your income and in the LONG

term it can be a very profitable retirement fund.

Capital gains can be avoided if you live in the property after 12months and

before a certain period (not sure on this period, I think it is 6yrs but

don't quote me on it). You can then repeat the process until you have enough

to buy your 'dream home'.

I do agree that home ownership is hard to attain these days. Stamp duty has

gone up 210% in 10yrs. There have been 3 increases in the last 5yrs, the

last on July 1st 2004. (15%). The government fails to realise that if people

can purchase their own home this will take the pressure of agencies like

Homeswest. Also, buy reducing the rate on capital gains people can self fund

there own retirement and reduce the funds spent on pensions etc. This money

could then be redirected to people who really need it or direct it into

other areas eg. hospitals. Joe.


Hi Jon,this is a response to Joe's typically and selfishly blind email about how clever it is to get rich by ripping off the next generation of young people needing a place to live in and bring up their kids.If we as a society had any real concerns about the financial hardships of young couples in their endeavours to bring children into that world, then we have been holding the remedy for their problems in our hands all the time? However clothing our words in meaning would call for us to overcome the endemic greed that we accept as normal in our selfishly blind culture.If past governments had taken steps to discourage the ramping of real estate prices by developers and also private individuals, which could have been done by removing tax incentives like negative gearing? Then this would have diminished the number of speculator investors in real estate, which would have kept the cost of housing down to affordable levels Which in turn would mean that the young mothers might not need to be going out working every hour that God sends, in order to pay the huge mortgages needed to keep a roof over their heads. Which in turn might result in kids knowing the love of their mothers and save us much in social costs further down the track. However we prefer to live with the schisms of our morality. We pontificate in grand style about our concerns and support band aid solutions, like ìpaid maternity leave to fix the ills that we have ourselves created and continue to create. When politicians themselves are amongst the worst pursuers of profits from property dealings, and real estate is such an easy cash cow for the media, then there is little incentive to change things. It's much easier to continue living with the double standards and blatant hypocrisy, but nice sounding words can make us all feel a little better. And give the impression that we really care. Jeff


Hi Jon. Glad you had a nice holiday Jon.

Very impressed with how Claire is progressing,

so lovely to hear an air of cheeriness in her

voice...well done Claire, keep up the good work. Nilly


Hi Jon. Thank you for your newsletter which I always enjoy reading. The more I know

about what is going on in Australia, the more I want to know.

Your item about dangerous activities behind the wheel reminded me of a

series of three articles I read in National Geographic a few years ago. The

articles were written by someone who cycled around Australia and he

encountered someone driving a road train with his feet on the steering

wheel. That must have been rather alarming, even though it happened in the

outback. There have been a few occasions recently when I have managed to listen on

line to 6PR. My efforts are rather hit and miss, more misses than hits.

What part does Eaglehawk Computing play in this process? I am curious to

know. Thanks again for your newsletter, I look forward to reading more of them in

the future. Best wishes, Brian, Cornwall, England.


Hi Jon, Just thought I'd drop you a line and say how much I'm enjoying "know your news.It's a pity people on the internet couldn't compete as well. Regards Don.


Dear Jon. Thank you for playing my request on Juke Box. I am a great fan of Late Jim Reeves. You have given people comfort. Keep up with the good work. Cheers Pat


Dear Jon, Thanks for playing "When they begin the Beguin" and advising me of

the name of the song "When I waltz again with you" by Thereasa Brewer.

Had to break off to listen to Jim Reeves' song "Put your sweet lips a little

closer to the phone". Makes me realise just how lucky we Oldies are to have been born when

everyone knew the words of songs. I wonder how many of todays youngsters

bother to learn the words of songs. Your programme and also Graeme Maybury's are certainly appreciated by a grateful audience. Yours sincerely........Len


Hi Jon, You mentioned the subject of rare records.I have loads of rare records including The Beatles" from me to you" on the purple parlophone label,"Marble breaks and iron bends" by Drafi,"Roadrunner" by the Gants,"Most exclusive residence for sale" by los cincos,"Lola " by the kinks featuring the line about coca cola,which had to be changed to cherry cola,plus I have at least 250 promo singles by Australian artists on American labels.

Regards Don.


Hi Jon, Tis Lena. I saw with my own eyes as I was in the passenger seat a guy on

the autobahn in Germany reading a book!!!!!! He would look up from his book

to look at the road. Incredible, hey. Lena (Sweet & Sour)


Thanks for your great newsletter Jon. It's always interesting to hear what you have been up to. It's a beautiful day in sunny Bunbury. :) Emma


Jon I am just sitting here on my pc drinking and having a loverly arvo hows your day been. ive never contacted you or sponken to you before. Stuart


Hi Jon from Melb. Kevin


Hey Jon! Just wanting to ask a question about how u go about

daily life , after doing such a wonderful late night

show early into the morning ?

Do you sleep throughout the day, I Wouldn't believe

that you sleep , you are almost superhuman, and super

wonderful, my friday nights are not the same without

my nightly dose of you. Rock on mate! Nick


Hi Jon, Diane may be getting cut off from the internet if she is on dial up as she

may have reached the time limit period/ It all depends on what type of plan

she is on. When you're on broadband like I am you are continuously

connected to the internet all the time but with a dial up connection, you

get a timed limit say of about four hours which is the most common time

period. Our Internet Service Provider is Westnet and they have also gone nationally

but we find that they have very good support. Regards, Kaye.


Hi Jon terry and jane listening to you from bedfordshire in england, great show as always we are in the middle of moving house so its great to chill out in the evenings and listen to you and all your callers. i can remember giving my mum £5 a week board back in the 70 s how times change ha ha all the best from the uk


on, thanks for clarifying why I couldn't email you. I enjoy your programme

very much. You give everyone a fair go when they ring you. I work shift

work, 2pm to 10pm, and enjoy listening to you when I go to bed around 1am. I

always intend to listen for a short time but end up listening for a few

hours. I sympathise with you trying to sleep during the day. I used to work

the 'grave yard' shift between 10pm and 6am for many years. I used to

reverse the venitian blinds in the bedroom and use ear plugs. (use soft

quality plugs and don't insert them too far). I would also leave the 1st

message on the answering machine so the phone only rang a couple of times

before it picked up the call. As for the heat, I used a fan from the '60s.

They are much quieter than modern day fans. (easy to come by at 'bric and

brac' stores). On very hot days like today a house is always cooler during

the day than at night. At night it radiates all the heat that the bricks and

tiles absorb during the day. Working nights keeps you away from this heat. I

liked the night shift because I always saw the sun rise and was able to pick

up fresh produce and warm bread on the way home. I also had easy access to

shops etc. without all the hussle and bussle of 'the rat race'. Eg. Peak

hour traffic. Most people have the perception that shift work is a pain but

it does have many advantages. Enjoy your day Jon and keep up the quality

work you do. How many years have you been doing the programme? Joe


In reply lady in letter barbara,how remove cig stains,-stop smoking and all

walls are fresh and the smell.i have never once ever smoked and i am in

later 50,s age. Diana


Hi Jon, I have experienced all three kinds of air conditioners.

In my parents home where I grew up we had the air conditioners that went

into the wall. The trouble with those ones is that you have to stay in that

room to feel any benefit of it as I don't know about all wall type air

conditioners but the ones that we had didn't blow the cool air out far into

the next room. If you stayed in that room you froze and had to go outside

for a while.

I also had a Bonaire air conditioner which was on a stand and you could

wheel it around. They are good again if you are staying in the one place

and aren't expecting to get too cold. Actually I just out mine out for the

rubbish pick up a few days ago and someone picked it up the same night that

I put it out.

I would definitely go with the split system air conditioning. I have that

now. The brand is Breeze-air that I have and it is excellent for me. Then

again, these days I don't feel the heat as much as I did when I was younger.

I also agree with the guys that have called up and said to buy a brand name

air conditioner. I had no choice in choosing this Breeze-air conditioner

that I have now as I moved in here just over 7 years ago and it was already

in here.

A word of warning though with air conditioners and humidity with tile

floors. I have tiled floors everywhere here except for in one of the

bedrooms. One day a couple of years ago the heat got very humid. I woke up

one morning and nearly went sliding on my backside with each step I took on

the tiled floor. I thought that one of my elderly Jack Russell Terriers had

wet inside as she was getting a bit old and lazy and not bothering to go

out to the toilet during the night sometimes. I took another step and

another only to find that each step I took I nearly went over on my

backside each time. Then I thought she couldn't have wet inside that much

and everywhere I took a step. It was the humidity that had made the tiles

sweat and made it like a skating rink. I had to walk around with a

something non slippery under my feet all day until it was late at night

when the humidity had dropped down.

Another word about air conditioners is that I am finding it very hard to

find a person who will come out and service my air conditioner each year

when I want them to as that is the only time that I have the money saved up

as I am on a Disability Pension. In fact I find it is very hard to find any

type of reliable/good, etc. handymen out there these days. It's hard being

on a pension and not knowing who to get in to help you around the house

when you can't do anything to keep the maintenance up on the house yourself

but you want to keep it looking decent and livable.

Hope I have given you some insight into a few of the air conditioners out

there. :) Regards, Kaye.


Hi Jon

Firstly my two cents worth on the comments of Brian Bedkober. This sort

of attitude is one of the more repugnant imports from the USA. It

smacks of "every man for himself" bastardry and has no place in

Australia. The day this country begins implementing policy based on

this type of thinking is the day it will no longer be worth living her.


Also on the US immigration controls. I have an uncle who has been

travelling to the US for business both as a company executive and a

company owner for 20 years. All of his visits in the past 6 months have

seen his luggage searched and he has been practically interrogated by

officials and treated like a criminal. If this is they way "good

friends and allies" treat each other who needs enemies like alquaida.

It might be time for Aussies to just give up on the US as a travel

destination and concentrate on Asia and Europe.


Finlay, my brother and I have a commercial website that has just got

back into operation after some major problems and I would like to know

if you could do anything to help promote it. We are running on a shoe

string budget so at this stage we can't afford to do any major

marketing. The site has been mentioned to you before but has undergone

a major upgrade since then (before our hosting provider went broke and

put us out of business - this won't happen again because we run our own

server now) and provides a public notice service for a fraction of the

cost of the papers.


With Valentines day fast approaching, our service may be of interest to

your listeners. A typical Valentines day notice in the West book of

love is pretty pricey but a notice with us of up to 50 words with a

photo is only $10 (incl. GST) for a week. Our goal is to provide a

quality service at a fair and reasonable price.


You can find the site here:


Any assistance you can offer would be much appreciated.




Hi Jon,

How are you? I would appreciate it if you could please read my email out

instead of me calling in. I find that i can express myself better when

writing as opposed to speaking (the nerves get to me...)


I was present at the fireworks display on the North foreshore and thoroughly

enjoyed the events up until the Australian anthem was played and the planes

flew past with the flag. I started off by catching the bus from Dianella

into the city with a few friends which was enjoyable. we were in a jovial

mood and started singing on the bus, by the time the bus got to the city

everyone on the bus was singing with us, all songs with an Australian slant

of course. This was rather enjoyable. We then walked to the foreshore from

the depot and settled down to watch the fireworks.


When the airplanes flew over with the flag, and the Australian anthem came

over the radio, i immediately stood up (as i have been taught since i was in

kindergarden) i was absolutely DISGUSTED with the response that i got, my

friends stood up with me to pay respect to OUR flag and OUR anthem, and we

were told to sit down by the people behind us. As a first generation

Australian i am extremely proud to be an Australian and when I saw the flag

and heard the Anthem being played, i am not ashamed to say that i had a tear

in my eye and stood tall with pride to be Australian, who are the people

behind me to tell me that i must sit down when my anthem is played. i dont

understand it!!


>From that time on was when the trouble started to begin. Being just under

six foot tall,19 years of age, weighing in at 105kg and working out at the

gym 5 days a week, i am not a person who is an abvious target for assualts,

but on our walk back to the bus depot, i was witness to a number of fights

which i was not involved in. To me, this is ample reason to give the

fireworks a miss for the next year, imagine if a young lady was walking by

herself down the street, i dont think that she would be safe, i dont even

think that a family with kids would be safe to walk down the street. To top

it off, when about to get on the bus, i saw two young ladies (probably about

14) walking by themselves in the middle of the road. To me that is just

looking for trouble.


Just a final comment, both on the way to the event and on the way back,

myself and my friends walked out of our way on a number of occasions to

thank the ambulance staff, the security staff, and the police staff for

their efforts. the security and the ambulance staff were thankful for our

praise, but on more than one occasion the police just completely ignored us

and did not even give us the dignity of a response. that may be the reason

that the police are not as well liked as they should or could be.


All in all a wonderful night was ruined by a SMALL minority of the youth

that give people of my age a bad name.


Thanks for listening. this is just my two cents worth of common sense.




Dear Whoever,Once again we see demonstrated just what a fiasco the Australian of year awards have become.

Once again we see the nauseating way it has degenerated into being a populist vote-catching manipulation tool for&nbsp;the government of the day, by the lackeys appointed to the Australian Council.<BR><BR>Of all the nominees none would have received more nominations than Pauline Hanson, not as a gimmick, but because of the way she has helped the Australian people to wake up to themselves and the way they have been manipulated over that last decades, since the passing or Robert Menzies.

However we see not the slightest mention of her,a even as a runner up.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Instead we have the usual naming of a clown who has proved himself good at being able to hit a ball with a piece of wood.<BR><BR>It is realised that nothing is going to change the degenerate sychiphants who have long sold their souls for the mess of pottage of currying favours from their status quo benefactors, but at least you should know that nothing goes unnoticed and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

No regards whatsoever. Sigmon


Dear Jon,

Please read the letter I sent below to Senator Ellison, and if possible read

it on air please.




Dear Hon Sen Ellison,


With gun control laws now failing us, can we now begin to look at concealed

handgun permits? This is being done in the US, and has reduced crime.


With Sydney and Melbourne becoming crime havens, and with not enough

government funding for enough police to protect each individual, one to one,

twenty four hours a day, can we now have the right to protect ourselves?

That is, law abiding citizens who respect Australian Law and are

unprotected. When driving in the bush, we have no protection. That is

criminals, we can not protect ourselves from criminals. We live in a free

country. Why can't we have a right to protect ourselves? This is more

important for women and elderly people who keep being bashed and raped.


Am I a gun owner? No. Am I a member of a gun club or organization? No. But I

live in Australia and want to enjoy my liberty to protect myself. Think

about this. If one citizen had a concealed weapon in Port Arthur, they could

have shot Martin Bryant and prevented great loss of life.


Just one illegal weapon will cause a great loss of life in this country now,

because of no right to carry laws. In a shopping centre, one person can

bring their illegal gun, open fire, and keep killing without threat of

police until police arrival. Terrorists will be able to do more damage with

a gun/s than a bomb.


I know people who have weapons and no licence. Is this illegal? If I know

less than one thousand people, and at least one person has a firearm without

a licence, how many others in the community have a licence? Let me calculate

this........and that is one thousand firearms per million that are

'unregistered/unlicensed. Now, the anti-gun movement claims there to be ten

to twenty thousand illegal weapons in Victoria and NSW.


So, there must be more illegal weapons in Australia than we can estimate

then. And, if they are illegal, does this make them criminals? If so, then

we have thousands of criminals in Australia with guns, with citizens not

armed and not able to defend themselves.


When ordinary Australians see a criminal act, they are unable to take any

action. This includes criminals breaking into people's houses and raping,

bashing, murdering and thieving. This means that we are liable to become

victims at any time. If a citizen is able to be armed by means of a permit,

he is able to take care of him/herself. Whereas if the government must

'provide' protection, then, if that protection is unavailable, this means

that the citizen is unprotected.


Now, in this light, if the government must subject the citizens to the law,

and leaves the citizen unprotected whilst doing so, then a legal suit may be

filed in order to seek protection which the government has removed. Does the

government have a position on this?


The government has not removed illegal weapons from the community, and this

seems very difficult at achieving. If the government continues in this

manner, it leaves the criminals with enough firepower to commit crime, and

the citizens with no way to defend themselves. An unarmed citizen versus an

armed bandit. Do you share my feelings Mr Ellison? This is not fair, and not

evenly balanced. We must even the odds.


Please consider the right to carry permit law, as it will give us law

abiding citizens guns, fully registered and tracked by the government, and

the ability to defend ourselves with those guns. It is common sense, as you

are empowering citizens to take care of themselves and lowering the risks of

mass shootings in public places as well.


I urge you to show some common sense and give us the opportunity to stop

major crimes and defend ourselves. The elderly at least deserve the

opportunity to stop cowards from bashing and raping them and pillaging their

homes. These people have paid taxes and built this country. Is this how we

repay them? Let them be bashed and then seek the perpetrators? It doesn't

make sense, and it is totally in the criminal's favour. Or is the government

secretly favouring the criminals?


And then myself, if a gang attacks me, how can I defend myself? Grab the

nearest stone? Please, I urge you to see the sense in this. A girl in

Melbourne recently was almost raped and murdered except one citizen flashed

the headlights of their vehicle at them. The vehicle was a potential weapon

in this case, as was the ability to call police and inform the licence plate

number. But if I was the driver I would not stay at the scene if I was

attacked, and so the girl was at continued risk, because no one has the

ability to fend off criminals. Unless they were armed.


I will urge you to research defensive gun uses in the US, and I can

recommend the book "The bias against Guns" by John R. Lott, Jr. I have felt

this way before I began reading this book, but I urge you to look at this

objectively, even if you must ask two of your staff members to read it.

Please, don't fail me and the rest of Australians who choose to live a

peaceful life. We don't want violence. The answer is not gun control.

Remember the shootings in Melbourne and Sydney, and also the increase of

armed robberies.


If you have the statistics that are not doctored, please send the research

statistics about guns with your reply if you can manage to reply. I would

appreciate it immensely.




Yours Sincerely




Hi Jon,We went to the skyshow tonight and enjoyed it but I was just curious....have you had any feedback on the following...I'll keep listening and see what others say tonight.We didn't see any police presence on the foreshore where we were near the belltower....Also, traffic managed to drive along St George's Tce near Barrack St. and later up near Barrack St and Wellington street when it was over....not very safe with the thousands of people walking up these streets. One peanut even tried to drive up a lane the wrong way before reversing into people and going back along Wellington Street. These people had obviously ignored the closure of these roads....and had the nerve to honk at people which I thought was very rude.

It also saddened me to see the amount of rubbish left behind. I can't believe people can be so thoughtless. It doesn't take much to take a plastic bag with you and take your rubbish home. Luv Gail.

Hi Jon. Just read your latest newsletter. Good to know that you are still the life and soul of Perth social life. Hope you had a good 2 days off. Sheila

IHi, my names is Rob. Two things to think about for your young friend wanting to buy a car are:

1. Buy through an auction - but take a friend who knows about cars.

2. Last year whilst on holidays in the East, I hired a car that I was interested in and subsequently brought the same - a four cylinder car also suitable for a first time driver.

Cheers Rob


Greetings Jon, I am writing to you today from a suburb of Chicago. I'm at the office today,

on a Saturday, as a copier repairman is here taking apart and rebuilding one

of our copy machines. I'm on the internet, listening to your program, and you,

and your signal sound great...loud and clear!

Happy Weekend to you and all of your listeners from Chicago, Illinois United

States! Cheers, Dave


Hey Jon. Best wishes for the new Year. I hope it is already going great for you.

For years I have been an avid fan on yours, but I could never pick your

age. I reckon my age is pretty close to yours? (27) heh.

Happy Australia Day by the way. I thought I would email you a bit about

what I am thinking before I head back to work soon.

Dr Fiona Wood: This lady should have become Australian of the Year. I

have personally had her speak at one of my work functions and she is

incredibly awesome. Steve Waugh has received many accolades, but this

lady operated on so many people thru the tragedy we despondently

remember as Bali :-(

Australia Day: We should celebrate the fact that we are FREE, to live on

what we call our own land. Its not about fireworks, its about one unity,

one nation, one people getting together and remembering who we are.

Can I say to everybody that everyone has the power this year as

Australians to do something great for themselves, to make themselves a

better person I have made it a pact to get fitter and find a beautiful

love! Hey she is damn well out there somewhere! What is yours Jon? What

is your listeners vow or resolution? I would be keen to know!

Well keep up the damn good announcing, because I know you put such a

smile on many listeners faces. You are the best mate. Take care. Regards Mat

Hi Jon, I admire your patience Jon,lol. Keep up the good work. If that lady, bless her cotton socks, had said Ralph one more time...... I'm on the net otherwise I'd phone in and have a chat. Your show keeps me company while I browse. Thank you. I live in Bayswater...on the border of Maylands and Bayswater. I can see the rooftops of the tallest city buildings from my backyard. We heard fireworks some time between 10 and 11pm...I was watching the 7 sunday movie...and we went out to the backyard to watch the lovely display. Judging from the closeness to us, it was either Burswood or the trotting ground. Just wanted to add my tuppence worth. Love your show AND your newsletter. Gail

G'day Jon, Ive just started listening to your program from India through the internet. Earlier, I used to live at Wollongong/NSW during the last 4 years and had been listening to the ABC. Well, Im not sure why he had to play with a Lion, may be just to show his supremacy against a poor animal. I also reckon he was quite drunk may be... but anyway its a wild guess. Have a nice day mate! Nithya

Jon, couldn't help but laugh when I just heard the news article about the

American security issues. "People with nothing to hide have nothing to

fear". Let me tell you that I had nothing to hide and yet when they brought me

up on their computer I was listed as an 11 year-old Mexican. It gets

worse than that too and when all said and done the content of my file

has excluded me from the States and that includes transit through the

country. I'd be very worried!

My advice... Give the US a wide berth! Jonathan

Hey Jon, how can i get any sleep when you keep producing such a great show.

Just a quick thought on U.S.A border would seem to me that it is becoming a modern day version of the Iron Curtin in the bad ole days of the U.S.S.R.. or perhaps an electronic version of the Berlin wall.

It would seem to me that there is a fine line between security and paranoia.

I would love to know what Tony and the other listeners think... best wishes Karen..

Jon: Just thought that I would let you , your listeners , and FRANK know that we

don't own a Hotel...altho sometimes it seems like it.

My inlaws have a beautiful new 3 bedroom cottage and this is how we sleep:

2 in cribs, 3 young ones on the floor in their parents bedroom, 4 adults in one bedroom, 2 adults in two other bedrooms, my 2 daughters sleep on a pull - out couch, 4 members of my sister - in -laws family in a separate cottage next door, All 17 sit around two tables for meals. Looking forward to spring. Barry

Hi Jon, have been thinking of Clair Bear, all day, and of the comfort you gave her, i wish there was somthing I could do, so I say a little prayer.

I found this little piece in a book my old aunt gave me,it is called "number six".

There is a very lovely word,whose letter number six,it stands for some one who will help,if you are in a fix. someone you can always trust,in whom you can confide,whose loyalty will never swerve, of whom you speak with pride. Whose presence is a blessing, intimes of stress or storm. Who speak such words of comfort,so loving and so warm, whose every word is genuine, though other folk pretend. That lovely word of letter six can only be but "f.r.i.e.n.d.". This little poem reminded me of you and your kindness to Clair .

thanks for a terrific show, take care of yourself, regards Carole.

Hi Jon, Am listening in tonight as I am on night shift. Nice to hear your voice. Hope all is well with you. Enjoyed the Patsy Kline song... you certainly make me laugh : ) See you, Robyn.

Hi Jon Today I just noticed that your free weekley newsletter has arrived in my Inbox. Thanks so much because all you do and say is very interesting and I think you should be nominated good ol aussie of the year. I am still trying to chase up that fruit cake receipi that only takes three quaters of an hour to cook and has orange juice, black tea, no eggs and no butter in it. It is now some time since i heard the recepi called out on your radio, just before Xmas i think, so I hope there is still a chance it may be floating around and you can put it in you newsletter again. The fruit cake that is in this weeks newsletter is not the one I mean, so I hope it can be found. Anyway carry on the good work you do for us people at home here. Sue

Hi Jon. Thank you for the newsletter. I enjoy listening to you when I cannot sleep (with pillow speaker (so I do not wake my hubby who has no rouble sleeping!) Some nights I near nothing!! others I hear heaps/11. Someone gave you a fruit cake recipe just before Christmas that ws different to mine (published in your newsletter this week) Do you still have and and if so can I have the details. Thanks heaps Eileen

Hi Jon, wow, sounds like your New Years Eve DJ-ing on the boat was great !!!! -Gail USA

Hi Jon A relitive rang a charity(un named)and saked them to pick up a couple of mattresses that she no longer had use for.But the charity would not take them as they said they were not new enough.There were no stains or rips in them.So just what does charity mean these days? Can any of the JIMS tell me. Still love your program and news letter.Regards Fran

Hi Jon, Just passing on this list of things to ponder received in an email from Delaware this morning (night time for them of course. Enjoy your newsletter. Would you check if my daughter Rihi has managed to subscribe (email address ) If she hasn't, would you sub her please. She entered the win a meal comp I think it was on your page and clicked on the 'no I don't receive the newsletter but I'd like to. Carmen



Can you cry under water?


When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping," now I just "chunkydunk."


How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?


If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?


Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?


Why do you have to "put your two cents in"...but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? Taxes?


Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?


Why does a round pizza come in a square box?


How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?


Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?


If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?


If you drink Pepsi at work in the Coke factory, will they fire you?


Why are you IN a movie, but you are ON TV?


Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?


How come we choose from just two people for President and fifty for Miss America?


Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.


If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?


I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing.


If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!


Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press Ctrl Alt Delete and start all over?


Stress is when you wake up screaming and then you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.


My husband says I never listen to him. At least I think that's what he said.


Just remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.


Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?


If raising children was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called labor!


Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.


Hi Jon, laugh along with these... Andrew!



1. I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer. (OK in Texas)


2. Sorry, Officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in.


3. Aren't you the guy from the Village People?


4. Hey, you must've been doin' about 125 mph to keep up with me. Good job!


5. Are You Andy or Barney?


6. I thought you had to be in relatively good physical condition to be a police officer.


7. You're not gonna check the trunk, are you?


8. I pay your salary!


9. Gee, Officer! That's terrific. The last officer only gave me a warning, too!


10. Do you know why you pulled me over? Okay, just so one of us does.


11. I was trying to keep up with traffic. Yes, I know there are no other cars around ... that's how far ahead of me they are.


12. When the Officer says "Gee Son ... your eyes look red, have you been drinking?"

You probably shouldn't respond with, "Gee Officer your eyeslook glazed, have you been eating doughnuts?"

Hi Jon Congrats on the Australian of the Year nomination - that is

fantastic! And it's not a surprise why either.. you deserve it.

Have a wonderful Christmas.. Natalie

Hi Jon, X,mas & Happy New Year To You and Your Family, Wish Your

nomination Australia Of The Year sucess, like your radio and TV show very

much, all the best, here is my pic, Best Regards. Eddie

Hi Jon Thankyou for the newsletter I enjoy it think you are a very nice

man I am awake most nights and hear you talking to all the regulars and I

find it amazing you keep you cool as you do once again Happy Xmas and all

the best for 2004 Gwendoline

Santa bought me a computer for Christmas (I'm Santa). How about you?

I'm suffering with a cold or the flu, probably won't be going anywhere.

Have a fun and careful New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year, Rhonda

Thank you Jon, how nice to hear from you again, sorry I was away in

Melbourne when you sent it, so I hope you had a happy and MERRY

Christmas! Take care in the new year too. Robyn


Hi jon its new years eve, my husband and i had

dinner by our fish pond, we have done it on our own for the last 10 years.

we spent xmas with our children and grandys.

what a wonderful life. hope you have a realy good year,you deserve it all

the best carole, happy new year x


Dear Jon. Just a quick mail to say have a happy and prosperouus new year.

I look

forward to listening to you in 2004. Regards Theresa


Hi Jon, Greetings for Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year.


for a fab news letter, gosh how do you find the time?.. Keep up the good

work,and I really enjoy your radio show also. Good luck, Good Health ,and

Good friends.. for 2004.

Regards .Mazza.

Hi Jon, Its great to hear the good wishes from around the world for the new

year.Hello and the BEST POSSIBLE 2004 to all.A special hello to Debbie in

New York.(I just love your accent). Jon you have made 2003 a great year for

all shift workers. I look forward to your continuance of excellence next

year. GOOD LUCK to ALL listeners. Wazza.

This is a non-regular listener, my mother loves your show. Had a question

asked to me earlier, had a think about it and I believe the asker had a

point (P.S. I'm not being stupid, this is a serious question and I believe

it will cheer a few listeners up... or at least make them laugh) Do you

think Clint Eastwood and the newly-elected Arnold Schwarzenneger (excuse the

spelling) are related in any way? They both have that ability to raise 1

eyebrow and 1 lip and well, they do resemble each other.

You need not answer this, I'm just bored. Paul, Orelia WA

Jon, (Listening in on Broadband) -- A presenters challenge--

Happy new year to all your listeners and at the gang at the station, not

too many tinnies!

Freezing here in Kent UK. (You lucky people)..

Now here's the challenge- a Mr. Ron Waite (Carpenter) and his family

previously of Wycombe Street ,Strood,Rochester, Kent moved to Perth (about

1961) on the assisted passage scheme. We just wondered if the old fella is

still about. This is a total shot in the dark bit more info,- his mother

used to work at Frindsbury Service Station and approx 6 months after the

family arrived sent back some Photos. Very nice guy.

Could you send my regards on air (The old fella may have his hearing aid

switched on) this was forty odd years ago.

Regards from Neville Jones of (as then of D.F.Wadhams & Son. Builders.) He

would remember!

By the way your Swedish singer Margarita has misted up my screen

Neville 7pm. 30th December.2003

Hello Jon, just listening to your program from Alberta Canada and it is

interesting to see that your people have the same concerns as we do in

Canada., privacy etc.

The Mad cow issue has set back the cattle industry here in Alberta and now

with the new outbreak in the States we are waiting for another blow. So far

it has not been proven that the cow came from Edmonton, where I live, as we

are waiting for the DNA test which have to be sent to England.

Have a great day. It is snowing here today and the temp. is about -10

Celsius a far cry from you high today. Jim

Hello Jon. Iam a security officer and listen to your program while on duty

at work , It sure helps to pass the night ,

Well done jon , Could you please put me on your mailing list . Regards

Geoff .

Hi Jon. Many Blessings for a Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous New


Thoroughly enjoy your Programme (when awake!). God Bless. The Hamilton Family.

Hi Jon,


Great show once again. I've now got broadband and can listen to you without the rebuffering nightmare.


Keep up the good work......any chance of a mention to all the Plymouth Argyle fans down there?

Kind regards Roger Plymouth UK

Merry Christmas to you, Jon, and all the JIM'S out there world-wide from

our family in northwest Florida. Hope your day goes well, and you have

the kind of year in 2004 as you wish.

Phil in Florida

Hey John!, love the show.

thank you for entertaining me on my boring nights!

regards, brett.

Thank you Jon, and a Happy Crhistmas and a wonderful New Year to you.

Have been listening to you for a very long time now, love you show.


Hello Jon, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your wonderful


"down under". Dr Mike Molnar USA

Dear Jon,

Thank you for your kind wishes at this time of festive season.

Merry Christmas and the happiness in the NEW YEAR!

Love Rosie:)

Thank you Jon for you good wishes. I would like to also thank you for

keeping me company intermittently throughout the past year and return the

good wishes to you and yours for a happy and safe festive season.Question

for your listeners to ponder. Why did the large supermarket chains see

fit to increase the price of rockmelons to nearly $6.00 on christmas eve

when the smaller suburban fruitshops were happy to retail at less than

$2.00? I bet the producer didn't see an extra cent!! Anne :)


Hi Jon, just from Omaha Nebraska USA. Really enjoy you on 6pr. Hope you

had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best in 2004 Take Care Joe


Wishing you a Merry Christmas Jon and a Happy New Year 2004. Thank you

for the good work you have put on for the last 12 months. You are the

best host. Regards Vicky

G'day Jon,

Your Newsletter this week is very small, what's wronge? Had too much of


christmas spirit??????? Sorry I didn't make it in to the studio to visit

you this December, but my sister had orginised a tour of the hunter

valley, & the Blue Mountains before the wedding in Maitline.



Hi Jon... Happy christmas jon.happy new wishes Diana


Hi Jon, Just a short note to wish you, your family, and colleagues at 6PR

a Merry

Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for sending me your newsletter

and I look forward to continuing to read it in the future.

Best wishes, Brian, Hayle, Cornwall, England.

Merry Christmas, Jon! I enjoyed your show today.

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas Day! And a Happy New Year!

Rhonda P.S. (Also Happy (belated) Birthday!)


Merry Christmas Jon. Texas Tania USA

Hi Jon,


Just a quick email to wish you a happy Christmas, and to pass on a joke

that your listeners might like to read in your newsletter. It's not an

easy joke to read out, as you will see, unless of course you got drunk



As always, enjoy your show.


Jen Lydon

gidday Jon hope you have a wonderful holiday.

there are some great places down south for a

rest, try Esperence, the beaches are terrific

the people very friendly.

a thought for you,

"the realy great man is the man who makes everyone feel great"

have a good time bye Carole.

Hi Jon

I'm Rober from Argentina

I didn't know about your birthday. Very happy birthday.

I'm glad to know that you are an escorpion like me

My birthday it was on the 9 th Nov

I recieve your newsletter always

I love Australia and you let me catch up about your country

I big hug for you


Hi Jon,

First of all...Merry Christmas to everyone who is listening!!!


I am actually Jewish so obviously I don't have the religious connection to

Christmas but I think that the Christmas period speaks for more then just

religion. It speaks for love and understanding and I believe that it is

really about the human bond that binds us all.


I love the Christmas period and if I had one wish for this time of year it

would be that people carry on the good will that exists right now all the

way through 2004. If everyone did his or her best to do this, the world

would be such a fantastic place.


All the best to everyone listening, Merry Christmas and god willing everyone

will be safe, happy and full of positiveness in the new year,



Merry Christmas to you too Jon!


Thanks for the email, it was a nice suprise!

I always enjoy Debbies calls, as she rings nearly every day from USA New York 10,000 miles away and I always find what she has to say to interest me.


I think it would be great if 6pr could post her over an aussie souveneir of some sort as a way of saying thanks 'mate'. I would be happy to pay some of that.


Anyway Jon......Best wishes for a rewarding 2004 and all the good times to be had in the new year.


31 year old listener of 6pr for 20 years




A few days past Frank, a frequent caller to your program, correctly criticised parents who have, under the influence of extreme religious beliefs, denied life-saving medical trearment to their children. He said that now there are laws which allow responsible medical doctors to save these children from such religiously inspired neglect. While I do have to agree with Frank as far as he went, I also think that we need to become more aware of the increasing numbers of medical doctors in some Western countrirs who are advocating (and practising) euthansia with fewer and fewer limits and little or no legal punishment when they do violate the already-weak euthansia laws. in some countries the problem is not that suffering patients cannot find a medical professional to put them down, but that patients needing treatment are becoming more and more hesitant to seek it because they fear that a kind doctor may decide to bring them the permanent relief of death without their request - and that the kind doctor will not be punished more than mildly even if his action is not yet allow by existing law.


See this for a brief review of what is actually happening in this regard where euthanasia is legal: .


Regards from a brawler and a scholar,



Good onya mate; thanks for, the news letters. Love listening in to the

show. I agree with nearly everything Tony has to say. He's a very well

read and fair minded person. No matter what, I believe, we must be

alarmed at the power the Americans are wielding around the world. Not

necessarily the general American , but the establishment/Government and

financial power brokers. There is definitely a frightening coalition

with Israel. Again I make the point, not all Iraelies agree with what

their President is doing to the Palestinians. There are great potests

happening frequently in that country, many of the public believe there

is a chance at a less hostile and fairer solution,


I am concerned at the amount of people who die each day as a result of

American artilliary and intervention. Not to mention how many young

Americans also die for so called "democracy". Most American soldiers

come from the lower socio economic sector and believe going into the

services gives them career opportunities, but alas many of them die.

Its not the war mongers of these countries that die awful deaths in

foreign lands, no itās the young men and women.


Did they, the Americans, really give a dam about the actions of Hussain?

Or,are they after control in a region that is rich with oil? Sadly, I

feel it's the latter, but I hope I'm wrong.


One also has to be concerned about John Howard, our so called leader.


I'm .not aware of him raising any questions to the Bush government on

behalf of the Australian public. He just said yes; we'll go to war with

you, anything you want Mr bush. Its very scary to realise that we never

learnt from any of the past wars how to find a peaceful solution. It's

to easy for leaders of powerful countries to say; oh well. We'll just

send in our youth to kill everyone,(or be killed) if you don't tow the

line according to our demands.


Sorry for the dismal email. Like you always say "lets hear what others


May the coming year bring peace and happiness to everyone.



Interesting Simpson's trivia:


Hank <>

Azaria - Voice of Apu/ Moe/ Police Chief Wiggum/ Carl/ Comic Book Guy/ Dr.

Nick Riviera/ Prof. Frink/ Cletus/ Sea Captain/ Kirk Van Houten/ Supt.

Chalmers/ Bumblebee Man/ Cabbie/ Smitty/ Gabbo (#81)/ Frank Grimes (#176)/

and others [ season 2+, recurring prev ]

Nancy <>

Cartwright - Voice of Bartholomew J. "Bart" Simpson/ Nelson Mundt/ Ralph

Wiggum/ Todd Flanders/ Kearney

Dan <>

Castellaneta - Voice of Homer/ "Grampa"/ Krusty the Klown/ Barney/ Willy/

Sideshow Mel/ Mayor Quimby/ Hans Moleman/ Gil/ Itchy/ Scott Christian/ and


Julie <>

Kavner - Voice of Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson/ Patty Bouvier/ Selma

Bouvier/ Jacqueline (Ingrid) Bouvier

Harry <>

Shearer - Voice of Mr. Burns/ Smithers/ Ned Flanders/ Prin. Skinner/ Otto/

Kent Brockman/ Dr. Hibert/ Lenny/ Rev. Lovejoy/ "McBain"/ Scratchy/ Jasper/

Herman/ Dr. Marvin Monroe/ Dr. Pryor/ Marty/ and others

Yeardley <>

Smith - Voice of Lisa Simpson/ Lisa Jr. (ep #241)



At an immigration overpopulaton conferance held in Washington DC last week&nbsp;former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm, stood up and gave&nbsp;a speech on how to destroy America. This writer sat in the audience spellbound by the eight methods for destruction of the United States.<BR><BR>He said, ìIf you believe that America is too smug, to self-satisfied, too rich, then letís destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall, and that, ìAn autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.î <BR><BR>ìHere is how they do it,î Lamm said. ìTurn America into a bilingual or multi lingual and bicultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an

individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar Seymour Lipset put it this way, ìThe histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanonóall face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons and Corsicans.î<BR><BR>Lamm went on, ìInvent ëmulticulturalismí and encourage immigrants to maintain their own culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal. That there are no cultural differences. I would make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.î<BR><BR>ìWe could make the United States an ëHispanic Quebecí without

much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the ATLANTIC MONTHLY recently: ìThe apparent success of our own multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentrically and what it meant to be an America, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.î<BR><BR>Lamm said, ìI would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural sub-groups living in America reinforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.î<BR><BR>ìFourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 5

0% dropout rate from high school.î<BR><BR>ìMy fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ëVictimologyí. I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.î<BR><BR>ìMy sixth plan for Americaís downfall would include dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each otheróthat is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful or stable society is against most historical precedent. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks: ìThe Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a commo

n language and literature; and they worshipped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic games. A common enemy Persia threatened their liberty. Yet, all these bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factorsÖlocal patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ëpluribusí instead of the ëunum, we can balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.î


G'day Jon and all listeners of 6PR (JIM's)


For those reminiscing bygone days when the Xmases were snow-covered and

the frost bit one's nose, here a picture of 4.10pm in the northern

hemisphere this 16th (your 17th) December.


Compared with your 21.2c in the middle of the night, we are now getting

quite dark at 4pm and enjoying a rather mild December winter with not too

much wind and a "warm" 9c.


It doesn't look like prospects of a white Xmas this year - although

Switzerland is due for snow on Saturday and could look like the old days.

So it is greetings to the Swiss and the German brewery in West Swan and

greetings to all friends from Rockhampton to Mindarie Keys. I guess you

guys will be enjoying bare boobs and barbies whilst we button up pretty

tight if the forecasted gales materialize.


Regards to all

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa erriu


from the Isle of Man



Hai Jon. Just to say hello.

We enjoy listening to your programme.

We live in Holland and we are listening to your programme at this very

moment by internet. Greetings from Coby and Arend Mulder-Oppelaar

Hi Jon, being a yank - I can tell very distinctly the difference between


accents and british accents. It is difficult to tell a New Zealand accent

though from the Australian accent. Americans do like the Australian

accent though. Dennis

Hi Jon, Iwonder if you can help me.I'm on a disability pension and have

imflamation of the spine.What I need to know is,is there anybody out

there who is willing to clean my walls in my bedroom for me.Also do they

do pensioner rates.Could you please reply with any ideas as I will

probably be asleep by the time you announce it. Regards Don.

Jon, Have you seen Master and Commander yet? I have not listened for a

few night snow and have not heard you mention it. I absolutely loved it.


books about Naval battles as a kid was not this good. Phil in Florida

Jon, many people I run into are saying that Latham is getting a lot of

support, but is he really? All he is getting is more vocalising from the

people who were already committed true believers and it just sounds like

more support.

I doubt very much if he is getting any shift of support from Howard

supporters and after the bandwagon-hype dies down and what he had to say

at the Victorian ALP Conference yesterday, would have many ALP members

reconsidering their positions. When about eighty percent of the public

support the mandatory detention of illegal entrant, boat people.

Still the more they delude themselves the harder they are going to fall

when the election comes. There is a danger to minor partitas if the

voters become aggressively divided. In that situation they will not want

to take a risk with their first preference, which will squeeze minor

parties out. This is what happened when the GST was the issue. David

Hello Jon. I like your radio program(me). One of your audience asked

about some songs about Snoopy and the Red Baron. The group was "The Royal

Guardsmen" a novelty song group of the 1960s. The following web page may

tell you a lot more:

Also, here's wishing you, the rest of the crew at 6PR, your families and

the listeners a good holiday season. Owen

Hi Jon, We're flat out at the moment singing our little hearts out for

all and sundry, we call this the silly season, not enough hours in a day.

But we just want to wish you and all your listeners a merry xmas and a

very happy,healthy and busy 2004. One day we may meet, who knows where

the road leads us. take care and god bless.

love Gillyee and Tony.

Morning Jon! Barra

Hi Jon. i'm a uwa student doing some late night revision for exams which are coming up.

i am a regular Jim, and enjoy the show through the early hours of the morning. your callers are always interesting and I think you have the best show on radio. Hi to all the psychology students getting ready for exams and keep up all the good work jon. you make the late night go faster. Ivan

Some web sites about Collins Class Submarines:


Hi Jon, your program it s good good my friend. Mara

Hi Jon, you were going to ask your guests what the trombone was connected to. I would suggest to you that it's connected to the (L)ipbone.

Keep up the good work, you do insomniacs a wonderful service. Heather

Its nice to return home from the kimberleys jon, and back listening to 6PR! ABC was a little boring and I didnt have the net available. I have Tinitus and its hard to sleep without the radio on as im always trying to tune myself out, but some of the conversations you have with others are just fascinating and sometimes incredible,and keep me up half the night.Uno, I think ive been listening to you for about 8 yrs i think. Time fly's my friend and so am I! So keep up the good work Jon.


PS. Ill enter that quiz one day, but ill wait till theres a car up for grabs !!


Hi Jon, Les here, my first time at your site, you may remember our discussions regarding the corrupted preferential voting system we have here, check-out this site,

about banks and our judiciary, also the many informative links

I would really like to know how you sound sooo happy all the time, cause i,m struggling with it. I have been listening to you tonite, can't sleep, and got to wondering what you looked like. I think you sound much more mature than your picture. It's just like, you here a voice and imagine a face, hence getting up and logging on. Oh and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate, if i may call you that. I'm a piscies, maybe that is what my trouble is eh???? oh yes and i'm 57yrs. now.


We wish a very happy birthday Jon, Another year wiser. kind regards Graham and family

Geraldton 21 today hip hip HooRay

Hi Jon, I just took a look at all the greeting cards that you have on your

website. I didn't know they were there, until now! I see you a have a whole

variety of them, And for all kinds of occasions too! Really nice! Thanks Jon!

Sincerely, Debbie from NY

Hi Jon, Your summers on the way..

I just brought in our plants, frost on the way..

great banter with the guy who follows you (Stevie C). Randolph NY

Hi Jon,re cup lunch.sorry i didn,t get there,waited taxi 2 hours,same last 2 cup lunches,so dissapointing,i had new hat new flower for hat,etc,and looking forward to coming,never been to a cup lunch,still haven,t.

i wonder your other listeners have same problem,i wonder can you hire bus next year,to collect those coming who don,t drive,many may not book because of this.we can gladly pay our seats on bus.

failing that,can the cup lunch be the wed or thurs next year,and sweepstake another race,as racing days wed thurs cup week,isn,t it,so we can all come,it is impossible on the tues cup day,not enough taxis,you can do hat parade still if wed thurs next year,i was so looking forward.also with taxis,a lot of us could been stuck in town after waiting return taxis,a lot taxis return to ascot in the afternoon on tues cup day,but taxis ok the wed thurs,

perhaps you could talk about this on your show,see others have same problem to get to the lunch.

by the way when is next lunch,after this one.?at friends.?also when you email newsletters and lunch details,any of the lunches,please could you put start and finish times please,i presumed todays lunch started 11-30 with sweepstake,and normal lunches 12 noon.?it helps when booking taxis in advance,all best Diana

Hi Jon, Keep up the good work with the show, great as always. Kind regards Roger

Beechingstoke PEWSEY Wiltshire UK

Dear Jon, I want to thank Flora for her time given to us...last week she advised

me to meditate by water and this week I remembered the BEACH! I used to

go in the late afternoon to look at the sea at Scarborough and watch the

sunsets but hadn't done that I'm doing that again just to

watch the water and enjoy being near it.

Yesterday I went with a group to Cicerello's and we were shown sea

creatures from their amazing aquariums..we we given a staarfish ans then

a sea cucumber to touch and also a big sort of prawn or lobster that had

long "whiskers" and we were told a bit about them...also a small sherk

was held up for opened its mouth and tried to get us!!

It was very interesting...

Thankyou for your mornings"on Air"...good wishes from Jenny

PS The sea creatures are shown there on a daily basis I believe.The

tanks are full of hundreds of beautiful sea creatures on display.




Jon... The Police force has just finished proving that negotiating with the

current government on pay deals was a waste of time. Their use of the

strike alternative worked well, producing results with a minimum of fuss

in a short period of time. As you said, many teachers are highly

intelligent and they learn quickly so why wouldn't or shouldn't they, or

anyone else in a similar position, be tempted to follow this successful

example? mg

"Do you think the law should be changed so that when there is a road

fatality involving a driver who has no license or has been drinking,

that their punishment should be greater because someone lost their



Jon... Do you think the law should be changed so that when there is a road

fatality involving a driver who has a debilitating condition of which

they are aware, that their punishment should be greater because someone

lost their life?

Or in your eyes, although the outcome is identical and the person is

just as dead, is the second driver somehow less culpable? If not, then

what is wrong with one punishment for both? mg

hi jon, Warning over bond if a tenant trys to avoid paying rent in leau of bond, there is now a law stopping you doing that.penalty minimum $1000 plus court cost plus rent owing with interest. my advice is if you can find the owner of the rental property deal directly with them instead of the real estate agenrt. kind regards Graham Geraldton

Hey Jon, Tony is "A-OK" in my book!!!! You can't please everyone in this

world, So why would you even try? Tony has a big heart and soul, and is real

humanitarian. So tell Tony to Keep on speaking his mind! Also..... Tell Frank

that his advise that he gave me yesterday, was fantastic!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH

FRANK!!!! Thanks Jon and Have a Happy Birthday! Sincerely, Debbie from NY

Hi Jon, I know I'm a bit late with comment about the QUOKKA'S, sorry about that. But

you do realy know why they are killing them, instead of trying to save them,

don't you???? In this day in age EVERYTHING revolves round money, nothing

else seems to matter. If we won't even spend cash in our own hospitals for

humans, what chance does the poor old Quokka have or any other wild or

domestic animal have for that matter?????? RICHARD (glasgow)


Jon, This listener who has been in Australia for 6 months he is NOT a

typical American. I have lived much longer than he, and never have seen

drugs of any kind, at any party I have ever been to. And alcohol abuse

is not a common thing. We have very strict drunk driving laws and most

sane people obey them. Phil in Florida


Dear Jon, What a lively night with that thunderstorm!

It was interesting to hear from others round the city as it rolled in

from the coast, and my computer still works!!!...It went blank and then

showed a question mark so I turned it off at the wall.

I have just been to Scarborough library and put my name down for this

book by Frank amazing to have Texas Tanya email you with

his name...the JEM family is certainly awake round the clock!

I look forward to reading it...I saw the film on small screen in the Oz

Tours bus coming back from Donnybrooke and was told it was true.

Many thanks for being able to share in your programs...

Best wishes from Jenny .

Hello Jon,

Had to tell you about Halloween, it was fantastic. It really really bothers me when Aussies say that we are copying America - Halloween goes back to England not America. The Americans just seem to have embraced it more than we did. As for the dangers - well its nice to teach your kids to trust other human beings, something that sadly we have to "learn" to do these days - and that is not the kids fault - parents here allowed the kids to the door but were in sight at all times.


I had a little kangaroo at the door, witches, princesses and my fave was shaquille o'neil - all 2 foot of him. Is there a certain time we get old and cranky - if there is tell me at what age it is - I will skip that birthday. By the way if you didn't turn your porch light on you wouldn't get the kids - simple rule really!


Stay happy and try and make some of those listeners a tad happier will you?

Cheers Tanya (Texas Tanya reports live from Texas USA on 882 6PR)


I think your listeners have confused "Americans" with "Hollywood."

Nothing in movies can be remotely related to real life. Here in our

subdivision, the adults meet at one house and hold a block party, where

all interested gather to partake of food and adult beverages. The candy

is put into one pile, kids from the subdivision come by to "trick or

treat." All children were with their parents. None are alone. This is

the way it has been done since the atrocities of 30 years ago when razor

blades were put in one or two very evil adults, no more.


As a kid, I looked forward to going door to door on Halloween, and never

once thought about danger. I think kids today can do the same. If they

don't go out on the streets looking for candy, the schools have parties

during the day. Most older teens gather in school parties in the evening.


And lastly, I don't think you can blame Americans for Halloween. My Mom

was Canadian. When she was a kid they knocked on doors and yelled "Help

The Poor." Now where did that come from?


Phil in Florida

Hi Jon.

Had to email you after listening to all the comments about Pauline Hanson.

The facts are that she HAS broken the law -she was found guilty in court of law in the Australian Legal system!! you cannot compare her crime to murder and rape - there are a lot of people who are in prison (fairly of unfairly) for white collar crimes. True - her sentence was excessive but nonetheless she was found guilty by a jury. You can't say it was a witch- hunt just because of who she is. She was found guilty of political fraud - For people to ring up and say it wasn't her fault cos she was naive and didn't know what was required regarding the official side of her party is a load of rubbish - would we accept this as an excuse from any other politician?? No. If she wants to play the game with the big boys then she should learn the rules. The numbers she submitted were FALSE - she can't pass the buck and play the dumb little fish - shop owner when it suits her.

Your caller Tony asked how would John Howard explain this to Bush - Who cares??? I think Bush has a few problems of his own he should be ashamed of!! What about David Hicks?? When will he even get his day in court? He MAY be guilty but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??

Tony always rings up and asks why don't ALL of Pauline's supporters do something. I don't know Tony - Why don't they???? Yes Tony where has all the passion for her gone?? Surely that tells you something!! Why do these people refer to her as though she were Mother Teresa? No she IS NOT a murderer but you have to compare her crime to others of the same category - I repeat Jon the sentence IS too extreme BUT SHE IS GUILTY!!! Whether she is imprisoned for a week or a year - the facts are the same. You often say "Why doesn't anyone mention Ettridge ?" Because people think she is "a poor little helpless female" who is trying to save the world by playing game of politics. Ettridge gets no such sympathy.

As you probably gathered I am no great fan of Pauline's as I can clearly recall an interview on 60 minutes in her early days where her mum stated she was proud of her daughter and what she stood for and that she had always told her as she was growing - "Beware the "Yellow Peril - cos they will invade this country! AND THEY HAVE!!" I don't care for anyone who comes from that sort of background and upbringing. You see Jon a lot of her supporters also believe this (even if they don't admit it!!)- moreso the older generation - check out the the demographics of her followers. The rest of the world would not feel sorry for Pauline - she is in fact seen quite negatively overseas. Her simplistic policies do not hold water in a real world.

I have no political affiliation nor am I Asian - just an average Aussie.

There are plenty of people who are unjustly imprisoned for non - violent crimes. No one says their conviction was a "Witch - Hunt" They just have to wait and follow protocol to achieve anything. She is no different.

Further more I don't know what she is REALLY like - or whether she would be a GREAT neighbour - nor do you!!! Let's not get carried away she is just someone we have seen on T.V. - she may be fabulous but she may NOT.

Thanks Jon


Jon, Now that the pros and cons of whether politicians should be allowed to raid the public purse to finance their election campaigns is being discussed &nbsp;perhaps now would be a good time for the public to debate the whole philosophy elections. It would be a good time to ask whether it is justifiable for a collection of people to assume rights to grant themselves special privileges at public expense, just because they call themselves ìa political partyî? Over recent months we have seen where these assumed privileges have led to people being jailed because they believed they had fulfilled the technical requirements imposed by the people who assumed that somehow the title ìpolitical partyî entitled them to impose self-serving rules protecting political parties? Anne

Hello Jon. Sad that the world has come to a mistrust situation.

Goodonya Robin - Keep Oz Australian and stop copying the Americans.

Vive la France - they at least know how to cook and drink

Here the origins and "healthier" version of Halloween. The kids

cleaned me out of goodies last night by 6.30pm (it is dark from

5.30pm onwards at this time of year)

Represented the new year/life

Kids here are accompanied by parents but we dont have a problem on

the Isle of Man with paedophiles - they can't swim!! and the

nationalists here are swimming instructors

The Manx (Isle of Man) Hop te Naa is a singing at neighbours doors

and NOT dressing up in dracula clothes etc - that is the American




Isle of Man

Dear Jon,

Thank you for your newsletters.

Margaretha and I had attended a Medical Centre yesterday. The following are

2 items from their "health-focus", available to all visitors.


Desserts made from fruit are an excellent way to end a meal. Fruit makes an

important nutritional contribution to our daily diet by providing vitamins

(especially Vitamin C and other antioxidants), minerals and fibre. fibre

creates bulk, helping create a sense of fullness at the end of a meal. Tasty

fruit based desserts include fruit salad, backed apples stuffed with chopped

dates, pears cooked with wine and spices, fruit based sorbets, or this

recipe for pancakes:



1 1/2 cups SR flour

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 tsp carb soda

1 tb sugar

1/4 cup walnuts, chopped

2 eggs

275ml low fat milk

1tb lemon juice

2 bananas sliced

extra fruit and ricotta cheese for serving


In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. beat the eggs and milk

together. Add lemon juice and bananas and stir into the dry ingredients.

Heat lightly oiled non-stick fry pan and drop large spoonfuls of the mixture

into the pan. When bubbles form on the surface turn the pancake and cook for

about 1 minute.


Serve pancakes with extra fresh fruit topped with ricotta cheese.



"ACID" foods are a myth!!!

Many people avoid foods they consider to be "acid", such as tomatoes and

oranges, in the believe that these foods can make arthritis worse.


Nutrition experts now advise that this believe is a myth. There is no

evidence that arthritis is caused by what we eat.


They point out that the digestive juices in our stomachs are far more acidic

than any common foods. Oranges and tomatoes are both rich in vitamin C, so

avoiding these two foods may do more harm than good.


Kind regards,

Fritz & Margaretha

Hi Jon,

When I woke up again and went for a walk just before dawn I discovered on my way some thieves with torches stealing from the charity bins. I took the number of their vehicle and rang the police. I always put things in those bins for charity but I don't feel like doing it if those thieves are going to get them. This happens every weekend and they leave the most terrible mess behind for the charity people to clean up. Some people are really beneath contempt. Beverley......

Hi Jon ,


Re the program "WOMEN IN ISLAM" Sunday evening, did you see it? Where in many Islamic countries they are trying to reintroduce Sheria law, stoming, cutting off of hands etc.


Some of the Muslims that call your program would have us believe that as long as societies are kept in check, then nothing else matters. That retributions such as cutting off of limbs, stoning people to death and/or death penalties, are ok as long as long as people are subdued by fear into obeying the law.


However in the whole scheme of things to do with life, what may appear to be solving short term problems may not always be in the long term best interest of generations to come.


Is keeping people in line by fear better than keeping them in line because they live in a society that is compassionate and understanding of the reasons that people become anti-social? I think not. In fact people made to live by the rule of fear are living in a prison and suffer all the symptoms of people held in a prison. They have the urge to escape, but even worse they become institutionalized into believing that there is no other way of life except the one they have been programmed to believe in..


Therefore they are not free to think and explore their place in the existence that life/nature/God has given them. They are locked forever in a time warp with the chinks of sunlight they see on the outside feeding the only form of development that is allowed to them, envy, resentment and hate.


You can cut off hands and stone people to death forever, but all you are doing is treating symptoms, not the underlying causes of the problems.


So you achieve nothing.



A Celebration of Guy Fawkes Day/Fireworks NightG'DAY Jon,

I thought some of your listeners around the world might be interested in why we celebrate the 5th of November in the U.K ?



Guy Fawkes' real name was Guido Fawkes. The son of Edward Fawkes, the proctor and advocate in the constituary court of York, Fawkes was born in the Stonegate district of York and Baptized at St. Michael-le-Belfry in 1570. Fawkes had two younger sisters called Elizabeth and Anne.


Fawkes attended St. Peter's School in 1578 where he may have been influenced by the headmaster, John Pullen, a man later named as a suspected Jesuit. John and Christopher Wright also attended St. Peter's.


After his father died in 1579, his mother Edith remarried into the Catholic Bainbridge family of Scotton. It is believed it was his stepfather that influenced him to become a Catholic. By the time Fawkes had reached the age of 21, Fawkes had sold his inheritance and had joined the Catholic forces fighting in the Low Countries.


For twelve years Fawkes served in the Militia in the Netherlands. As a trained miner, he was highly skilled with gunpowder and in the practices of tunneling. During his service, Fawkes was actually at the siege of Calais and in 1603, Fawkes sought counsel with King Philip II in Spain on the plight of English Catholics. It was there, that he met with Christopher Wright, with whom he attempted to obtain Spanish support for an invasion of England.


On April 25th 1604, Fawkes arrived in England with Thomas Wintour and in May 1604 he joined the Gunpowder Plot with Robert Catesby at The Duck and Drake Inn, with the express intention of destroying the Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament and King James I.


Fawkes was subsequently captured at around midnight Nov.4 and was brought before the Privy Council on November 5th. On November 7th, after several sessions of severe torture and under great duress, Fawkes finally admitted that the conspirators had planned to free Sir Walter Raleigh and other Tower of London Prisoners by blowing up Parliament with a large cache of Gunpowder.


Fawkes is recorded as saying


"yt was past, and he is nowe sorry fo yt, for that he nowe perceyveth that God did not concur with yet."


This was Fawkes' acknowledgment that he had only been foiled in his objectives by the will of God. Fawkes only revealed the identity of his co-conspirators under extreme torture on November the 9th, but only after he was told that some had already been arrested by the authorities. He was finally executed on January 31, 1606.


In 1605 on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot being foiled, bonfires were lit to burn effigies of Guy Fawkes and fireworks let off in defiant celebration all over London and within a couple of years this was a national celebration. To this day Guy Fawkes is remembered each year on November 5 for his audacious attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament and nearly successful act of ultimate traitorship.


If you would like to find out more about the history behind the Gunpowder Plot we strongly recommend you visit the Gunpowder Plot Society's website at


just read the newsletter and have to comment about the drink driving case. The little girl who died contributed to the accident by her actions. She was hit crossing the road no more than 30 metres from a controlled intersection with pedestrian lights. About 200 metres south of the accident site is a pedestrian underpass that goes under Marmion avenue and about 500 metres north of the accident site is another pedestrian underpass. She also went, allegedly, straight out into the traffic. What do you think would have been the response from people if the driver hadn't been drinking? Would we have them baying for blood then?


Look at it from the young mans point of view. He has to live with what he has done for the rest of his life. He probably won't drive again until his suspension is over because of the trauma he has suffered and, as a builder, he will probably lose his job. So it's not just a $1700 fine. Knee jerk reactionary responses to a perceived injustice are bad. They, in this case, want the driver to be sent to jail for a long time. What would that achieve except put someone inside who will be living with his own sentence forever.


Take a total look at an accident an apportion the blame properly. He wasn't charged with her death because he wasn't driving in a dangerous manner and braked before the accident. This shows that he tried to avoid her. Yes his reactions were slowed but that doesn't make what the little girl did any less of a contributing factor.


This will upset a lot of people but it is the truth.


Cheers, Ross

Mister Lewis...

Enjoy your show - great effort to your team.

Something that may be of an interest [as I was listening the early hours of

the morning] in regard to that American tradition which is creeping into

the Aussie culture... ahh that's another story :^)


* Prepare pumpkin. Use a marker to draw a 4- to 6-inch circle at the stem

end of the pumpkin. Cut along the line with a sharp serrated knife. Remove

the top and set aside. (For easiest carving, use a sawing motion.) Scoop

out the soft pulp inside the pumpkin with a spoon or jar lid.

* Trace patterns. Draw your design on the pumpkin using a marker. Or, tape

a paper pattern to the pumpkin and use a ballpoint pen to poke small dots

into pumpkin along the lines, then remove the pattern.

* Carve pumpkin. Using a sharp, thin-bladed knife, cut out the eyes, mouth,

and other features.

* Light it up. To illuminate, set a votive candle inside a small ceramic or

foil cup, place inside the pumpkin, and light with a long wooden match or

long-necked lighter.


* To make white teeth or eyes, cut only through the surface of the skin.

Then use a knife to "peel" or cut back the orange layer.

* Make holes for ears and use pumpkin scraps with funny shapes to stick in

those holes.

* You can use cookie cutters to pattern shapes on your pumpkin.

* If a cookie cutter doesn't lie flat enough on the pumpkin, just draw

around it.

* You can have a bewitching scent if you cut grooves along the underside of

your pumpkin's top, then wedge cinnamon sticks into the grooves. Poke

cloves around the inside walls. Light your pumpkin and enjoy the scent!



Pulse on Perth!

Should a drunk driver take responsibly for their actions? 100% Yes


Jon I believe your question is in the motherhood section and too

simplistic to judge guilt in an incident. A better question would be "Is

a person responsible for his/her actions and if so, to what degree did

the actions or inactions of that person contribute to the incident?"


You question implies that an impaired person is responsible for any

incident. (if not then the question is a nonsense because shouldn't all

capable persons take responsibility for their actions?) Drunkenness is

not the only form of driver impairment. Age, physical, medical and

mental condition are some of the obvious examples yet you have ignored

them and chosen and timed your question carefully to target the recent

emotive incident.


You appear to be more concerned with the message being sent to a third

party and prepared to sacrifice the accused and his rights in order to

send a message that is consistent with your philosophy. This is a

frightening prospect and smacks of vigilante and Machiavellian tactics

rather than a considered logical or lawful decision. I for one would

not like to serve on a jury holding such a narrow and unprincipled view

nor would I wish you or me to be judged by one.




Jon, The best cup of coffee in Perth has to be illy and is served in only one place in Perth, Cafe Cafe at subiaco square shopping centre. From Rhys

Pulse on Perth!

(Votes taken on air at 5:20am on 6PR 882 AM)

Should teachers and nurses be permitted to strike? 55% Yes 45% No

How would you vote?


G'day Jon,

When you consider what this war in the Gulf was SUPPOSED to be to get rid

of a dictator, and free the Iraqie people,and here is JH considering trying

to take away Australian rights. He is certainly following in MT's footsteps

(magerate thatcher)

Nobody wants to go on strke, if the workers vote for a strike it is a last

resort DON'T LET AUSTRALIA GO THE SAME WAY AS THE UK!!! Things are getting

better here since the day's of MT, but it will be a long and slow process.

We still don't have the same workers rights as the mainland (europe), ie; we

worker longer hours for less money per hour. Everything here is geared

towards the large employer, system doesn't really protect or care about the

worker. Our unions and employers dicide the employees fate without even

talking to them. So the employee/worker has no one to fight there case.



(of Glasgow)

G'day Jon,


It's maths time !


Do you have a calculator handy ?


[if not use your mobile if it has one, or click on "tools" at the top of your screen for possible calculator.]


Then please add these up, while taking note of the location of the numbers.


Note the answers.


159 + 951 =

357 + 753 =

456 + 654 =

258 + 852 =


? ? ?


and there's more:


remember ther answer of 123 + 321


now do (789 + 987) - (369 + 963)


as Julius Summer said, why is it so?


time for me to subtract!



Jon, This latest publicity hype being pushed about whether federal politicians should be given sixteen thousand dollar ($16,000) hand out when they leave politics, is just that "hype".


What they are about is a bit of public propaganda, Dr Geobles type, brainwashing.


They are getting a bit worried about the amount of resentment being voiced in the media, so they have connived this - "good cop/bad cop" scheme between them.


It works like this they announce that the Remuneration Tribunal has recommended this flagrant abuse, but after a lot of public ear-bending they will then announce what good guys they are be rejecting it "In the public interest", so we will all say how wonderful they are not as bad as we thought.


But beware if they let us think that we owe them a favour then later on when they come up with the next rort into the public till, we will be reminded what a big sacrifice they made on this occasion, so we had better not say anything.


They have convinced themselves that it is OK to be contemptuous of our intelligence, so they are.


The trouble is that with the endless preoccupation with mindless footy etc, their contempt is justified.


Hi Jon,

Thank you for sending me issue number 101 of your newsletter and

congratulations on passing the 100 mark. I entirely agree with you that

where politics is concerned, policies are more important than personalities.

Politics over here appears to be about nothing except personalities.

I hear the Australian Government wants to limit the power of the nation's

upper house, the Senate. For what it is worth, my opinion on this issue is

that I am not in favour. When opinions are so divided that neither side

will back down, a wise government should show humility - instead of

self-righteous arrogance - and not proceed with highly controversial issues.

Another option is that when politicians are so evenly divided, the

electorate should have the right to pass an opinion by means of a

referendum. Another possibility is that no law can be passed unless it is

approved by two thirds of both chambers of parliament. This would probably

lead to the passage of very few laws, but that, in my opinion, would be no

bad thing.

I will close for now, Jon. Thanks again for the newsletters and I look

forward to reading more of them in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Brian , Hayle, Cornwall, UK.

dear John


I was lying on my bed with my walkmen last night listening to the radio when I accidently tuned it onto your radio station from fm to am. What I want to say is that I think your doing a really good job, Iam sure your words of encouragement and even just your presence itself is very much appreciated by all who name's William Fang,17 when I was listening last night it struck me how sad and lost some of the people are.


What I really want to say is that there is hope and love in this world and that hope and love is in Jesus Christ. Some say that this Jesus was and is evil and that Christians are evil and curse other people, what I want to say to that is that is a not correct because Jesus of Nazareth is a God of love not hatred.

Matthew 9:36 "When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a Sheperd"

1 John 4:8 "God is love"


Jesus didnt die on the cross for his sins because he had none, he died for your sins and my sins. Only His love for your soul held the nails into his hands and feet. So that whoever loves and obeys him and whoever lives in fellowship and a relationship with Jesus will not perish in hell but have eternal life in heaven.


1 John 4:9 "This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins"


Also a person who calls himself a christian but hates Jesus and wants to curse his brother is false and a liar.


1 John 4:20 "If anyone says "I love God", yet hates his brother is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen"


Finally I want to end with this. Would somebody who hung on a cross and shed every drop of his life and devoted every second of his life for you, hate you?, What reason do you have to hate Jesus whom Pilot, the judge who sentenced His death could not find a single sin or fault in His life.




To Dennis, Yes I know Jonny Ray he was an Amercian not English, and he was also deaf and had to use a hearing aid.


To Daniel, re all the flak on Alan Bond. Most of all the people that condemn him have forgotten the most important factor.


It was the Labor Government that changed the laws re superannuation and not only allowed Bond to use these funds, but many other directors of other companies. One has to blame the labor government for the lose of all the Super that was taken and used by the Directors to try to save there Companies.


It does not excuse Bond and all the others who were allowed to use the super, but if the law had not been changed by the then labor Government, Bond and the others could not have used a Red Cent of the Super Funds.



The Flying Scotsman

Hi Jon!

Another very interesting Newsletter.

Wasn't the Arthritis remedy something about soaking whole lemons

in some Methylated Spirits for a couple of weeks??? Do seem to recall

this being mentioned at some stage anyway, perhaps that will help jog

someone else's memory.


Loved hearing Debbie from NY again today,( do hope she is a recipient

of your newsletter also.) One really does wonder about the quality of

meat in the USA...all those cattle ranchers we hear about and seems

they cannot produce nice lean beef....what a shame. Was interesting

to hear about what sounded like what we refer to as Free Range

chicken this morning. We have some particularly good ones here in WA that

come from Mt Barker, stumbled on them by accident one day and believe it

or not, they actually taste like chicken.


Jon when you are speaking to folk from the States is there and unusal delay

somewhere, it often sounds as if you are interrupting those people


even when the conversation is ongoing, sounds like you are speaking right


the top of them. This is not a critisism, merely a query!


Excellent idea re the cloth shopping bags. In Europe they started to get rid


the plastic ones many years ago...well over 10 years in some areas...we are

just a bit

slower to catch on here sometimes aren't we? I unpack my cloth bags and


them straight away to the car boot so I always have them with me.


All the best Lyn

Hi Jon!

I enjoy your newsletter but I must admit to being abit disturbed by your blurb on this latest one regarding teachers. As you know I am a High School teacher. The money we are offered is only on a par with CPI. We are not asking for an amount over and above what is reasonable, we would just like a payrise that reflects our professionalism and our service. But the money is not the most important part. We are fighting for lower class sizes, especially now that by law we must accept students inclusively into every classroom. Primary teachers need DOTT (Duties Other Than Teaching) time to call parents, prepare, conduct student behaviour managemant and keep up with administrative paperwork. This is all remembering that our grading and assessment is all done in our own time and is all unpaid, as are our excursions, camps, extra-curricular activities etc. We are also fighting for recognition as a professional industry as we are facing terrible teacher shortages in the very near future.



Jon Lewis Radio annoncer 6PR.


The latest and third rejection of Pauline Hansonís most reasonable and logical application to be allowed out on bail is nothing more than the status quo ruling clique throwing down the gauntlet to the mass of the Australian public.


What they are saying is ìwe will not tolerate you telling us what to do, we are in controlî.


There is absolutely no logical reason why Pauline Hanson, or David Ettridge should not be released on bail pending their appeal against their convictions. Afterall when we consider that such past luminaries as Christopher Skase, who had a definite reason to skip the country, was released on bail, and was given his passport to boot, this fiasco stands out more as each day passes as sheer vindictiveness.


It is obvious that the collective elites in our country are frightened that they have a tiger by the tail and hope that if they let it go it will turn around and devour them, but if they can keep it penned up long enough it will die through lack of interest.


All you republicans should take note. What we have is a mindset of a privileged class just as vile as when Marie Antoinette said ìlet them eat cakeî and thatís what they are saying to you, the Australian people, now.


By their actions you shall know them.



Subject: flaw warning For windows

Hi Jon and friends,

Dear Jon you may like to publish the information in the article below in your next news letter as a useful piece of information.Pre warned means hopefully better protection.


Dave Brown hopefully will be able to confirm that this document is correct and if time permits explain or discuss this next time when he is on your show . I believe from what i've read on occassions aprox 5% of webpages have midis as background music mine included but I have no way of testing my pages,and I have never had any complaints arising out of my pages.So I feel mine are safe.


Kind regards Graham


All the best Jon and friends


Article sourced from pc magazine

Fixing dangerous MIDI files

Stuart J. Johnston, PC World


23/09/2003 09:20:28


Ever visited a Web site that suddenly started playing music through your computer speakers? It may be annoying, but you can always turn down the volume. And it's harmless, right? Maybe not.


Researchers at EEye Digital Security Inc. recently discovered two big holes in Windows' music playback technology. The flaws, which Microsoft rates as "critical," could allow a hacker's code to run amok on your PC by exploiting a contaminated music file. The hacker could then take over your PC and do something nasty, like delete your files.


The problems lie in the way that Windows plays back a common type of music file called a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file. Unlike an audio file, a MIDI file contains a string of code that tells a synthesizer (such as the ones in most PCs) how to play a piece of music.


Microsoft Corp.'s DirectX technology, which handles playback for audio and video in Internet Explorer and in Windows Media Player, also plays MIDI files. Microsoft realized that it had left two unchecked buffers in versions of DirectX from Windows XP all the way back to Windows 98. This weakness could let a miscreant send a malformed MIDI file containing too much data to one of the buffers. And for that to happen, you just have to visit a booby-trapped Web site or open (or preview) an HTML e-mail message with an embedded link. This triggers the infected MIDI file to download to your PC. When the buffer overflows, DirectX malfunctions and the hacker's code starts to execute.


Take care of the hole by grabbing the latest version of DirectX, 9.0b. Head to the Microsoft bulletin, "Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System Compromise," for more details and a link to the patch, and go to for EEye's bulletin.




To all who recieve this email.


>From Graham ( I have experienced problems with direct x 9) Computer freeze ups and i have since formatted my hard drive and taken win xp pro of my machine and returned to win 98 se with dx8.1 machine now runs great.


Kind regards Graham / Geraldton

The Prime Minister John Howard when replying to Opposition questioning in Parliament said ìThe escalation in real estate prices has increased the wealth of a majority of Australiansî.


Can this man, who exhibits such an appallingly ignorance of elementary economics, be the Government leader or our country?


By what distorted logic has he reached the conclusion that every one who has some personal equity in a house will be wealthier now - with inflated prices - than if property prices had remained stable? If they owned a house twelve months ago then they still own a house, unless they are living in the street? And if they sold their house at current inflated prices then they will have to pay the same current inflated prices to get another one, so how are they any more wealthy?


In fact the inflationary pressures of skyrocketing property prices has massively diminished the value of everyoneís savings, so in fact a vast majority of Australians have been made poorer. Not to mention the tragic plight of first home seekers, who have been pushed completely out of the picture, with their hopes and dreams crushed.


But letís not be too hard on Mr. Howard, he is not completely wrong. There are many property sharks that will become fabulously wealthy from the manipulation of housing prices. Not least amongst these are our wonderful politicians most of whom have property portfolios paid for from their taxpayer funded (no declaration needed) living away from home allowances.


They are allowed to claim more than two hundred dollars per night, regardless of what their accommodation costs, but most of them share accommodation so the difference between what they spend and what they claim they can invest in real estate. Which most of them do. These are the people who will most certainly be growing wealthy, especially when they off-load their investment before the property boom collapses.


However the poor battlers who have managed to scrape enough together to get a roof over their heads can look forward to a lifetime of financial struggle, and with all the domestic pressures that go with it, they will be lucky to survive.


John Howard, not only are you a blustering fool, but it is obvious that you and most of your colleagues are devoid of any grasp of principles, understanding, or care for whatís in the interest of the Australian people.


Meanwhile our Australian born population will continue to decline, because couples cannot afford to have children. All because we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by shallow self-servers..



Jon, It was reported recently that Greg Norman's luxury $80 million dollar yacht is up for sale, due to the prohibitive running costs being incurred.


As the appointment of republican Richard Butler to the position of Governor of Tasmania has revamped the republican debate, it would be a wonderful opportunity for our Government to consider purchasing this yacht for use by the first Australian President..


Just think of the wonderful on-board parties the President could host with leaders of the Government and those of the Opposition freed on bail for our benefit.


And with a bit of luck if Paul Keating was the first president there could be miniature piggery at the back of the boat with a room for signing treaties with overseas despots right next door to it?

Wouldn't this be a great opportunity and a wonderful gesture by our collective governments, both state and federal, to jointly purchase this Aussie-built vessel


If we are to become a republic let's do it in style.


Sincerely, Julio

Hi John Thought I would send you an email for a change while I sit hear listening on the internet.


I had such a surreal experience this evening while you had Milica playing guitar on your programme.


I was asleep in bed (unusual for me at that time of night) but as always I had the radio tuned to your programme. As I said, I had fallen asleep and was dreaming. In my dream I was doing something that was keeping me very busy. My dream did not reveal exactly what was doing, I was just VERY busy.


Soon I became conscious of the most beautiful solo guitar music being played in the background. All of a sudden I had this guilty feeling. Guilty, because I was pre-occupied while this wonderful music was being played.


I was drawn away from from my pre-occupation and soon I was standing in front of an elderly gentleman playing the guitar. I have no idea who this man was, but his dream image is very vivid and he reminds me of my Great Uncle who died at 96 quite a few years ago.


THIS MUSIC WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. In my dream, I stood there for several minutes and the beauty of the music caused tears to well up in my eyes.


That's where the dream ended as I then woke up. As soon as I was awake, this VERY SAME music was being played by Milica.


I stayed in bed and listened until the end of the segment with Milica and her fashion friend (Meredith?) What an absolute delight it was!!!!


Isn't it strange how the mind can hover between sleep and reality and take real sound, put dream pictures to it and create such a surreal experience.


Thankyou for such a wonderful piece of radio.


Have a great night


I think Jon is like lemonade on a hot summer day.


He's refreshing and sweet(but not overly-so.)


I adore it most when he handles strange people's calls kindly.


I hope he's genuine. I think he's what that Macca guy on ABC wishes he were!


I wish I were a night worker or at least awake more at night, so I could listen more often. Wait, I don't need to be that selfless, do I? I can ask for a change; Dear 6PR, I really wish Jon did his show during the day. I want more of Jon, at a more civilized hour.


He's addictive, and I think you, 6PR, are so lucky to have him.


Funny, his picture is just what I expected, leading me to think he is genuine. Am I right?


Kindest regards,


(it's pronounced like the tribe "Cheyenne")


Hi John,

Good morning. My name is Daniel, I am 19 years old.


Just heard on your program a gentleman rang in and started speaking about the Wall in the Middle East dividing Israel proper and the occupied territories. The gentleman voiced his disaproval of the wall and said how could it be built.


Here is the other view, from a different perspective. Two years ago when i finished school, i went for a two month holiday to Israel. I spent one month touring, and the other month staying with assorted friends and family throughout the small country. Because i did not have transport i was forced to use public transport. I can honestly tell you that i have never been so afraid in my life, every time someone gets on the bus you begin to think "is this person going to be the last one i see", "am i going to get blown up?".


Another thing to consider, is that in my short 19 years on the planet, I can honestly say that i have heard more bad coming from the region, and more terrorist attacks than anywhere else in the world. Having family living there also strikes a chord, as each time a terrorist or suicide bomber takes the lives of innocent youths, adults, elderly Israelis, I automatically begin to worry whether my family has been injured.


Another thing to consider is that there is conscription in the country and that as soon as the youth have finished school, they go straight into the armed forces. Imagine the stress and trauma that the majority of the population are going through now, or have been through in the past, or are about to go through in the future, knowing that they have to guard their country from an enemy they cannot see, do not know when they are going to attack, and the only thing that they know is that they will attack when it is least expected and in the most unfair way.


Maybe the wall is a good idea after all, it will stop senseless killings on both parts and will leave both sides to live in a peaceful existence where they do not interfere or meddle in each others business.


Just another view, from someone who has been to Israel in the last two years.


Hi Jon, Thank you for another interesting newsletter which I enjoyed reading.

I was especially interested in what you said about Jimmy Little and I

clicked on to his web site. I first heard about him last year when Radio

Australia broadcast a series of programmes about him and his music. A few

months earlier they broadcast a similar series about Slim Dusty.

Have you any ideas about where I could obtain a few CDs by Australian

singers. At the moment my selection of Australian songs consists of two

which were recorded from British radio stations at the time of the Sydney

Olympics, they are "Pub with no beer", by Slim Dusty, and "Waltzing

Matilda", by Rolf Harris. I would like to increase my selection.

I will close for now, Jon. Thanks again for the newsletter which I always

look forward to reading. Best wishes, Brian, from Hayle, Cornwall, England.

Hi Jon, Pauline is the biggest story of course and growing all the time.


Hi Jon, I agree with Frank !!!!!! Pauline Hanson's treatment mirrors a

local politician here in Florida. The only politician to go to jail in

Florida due to "violations of the open meetings laws." She happened to be

the only one to question where $$$$$$ was going, off record. when a

reasonably conservative pol starts asking questions and the public gets

curious as well, liberals will find a way to shut them up. Phil Gulf

Breeze, Florida

Hi, Jon,

I'm a new listener, listening online from the heart of New York City.

Very much enjoying your wedding chat. I'm a writer and last year wrote a

book on the origin of various wedding traditions. It's important not to

ask your guests to bring their own refreshments. The whole point is for

you, the marrier, to share your joy with your friends. So you spend what

you can and if they're hungry they can stop at a restaurant on the way

home. (Friends volunteering to help is another matter entirely -- accept


People think they have to spend thousands of dollars to have a

successful wedding, but of course that's nonsense. There are all sorts of

ways to save money. Starting with the cake, which in America costs


a slice. Forget it. Make lots of cheesecakes -- you can make them days

ahead, wrao them in cling film and refrigerate, and they'll be fine. Then

serve with fresh fruit -- much better than wedding cake, for a cost of

about $1 a slice. Skip the liquor and serve punch. Hire a local college

music group to perform. Use potted bedding plants such as primroses

instead of cut flowers on tables (much cheaper).

Get married around Christmas time -- the church is decorated with

poinsettas and you won't have to pop for flowers. There are loads of ways

to cut corners, and all your guests really care about is seeing you wed --

they're not there to eat, drink, or be impressed.

Most unusual wedding I ever went to: A friend of mine in California


course) had been married three times and knew we'd all roll our eyes if


announced a fourth wedding. She gave a Halloween costume party. She

dressed as a bride, which we all thought was funny and in character

considering her history. Her boyfriend was dressed in a suit -- Men in

Black-type outfit. Another guy at the party was dressed as a minister.

Turns out the minister was a minister, and midway through the party

Claudia announced she was getting married again, now, and we all were the

guests. As you can imagine, the wedding pictures are very interesting.

Best, Susan in New York

Hi Jon


On a recent TV current affairs program there was a discussion on ìthe

widening gap between the rich and poor in Australiaî. Many of those

taking part for comment gave the opinion that ìit did not really matter, as

long as the Government provided some social welfareî.


This raises a stark and fundamental question that we should all seriously

debate within our society, within our own logic and within our own

consciences. That question being: ëDo poor people really matter at all in

our societyí?


With each new latest-fad trend that comes and goes, with each new batch of

glitzy advertising, it becomes glaringly obvious that none of it is

intended, nor aimed at poor people, because poor people are insignificant

as consumers in our ever-burgeoning world of rampant unbridled laissez-fair



Poor people do not, and cannot, indulge in purchasing the latest electronic

gadgetry, not even the latest ìput new zest in your lifeî quackery, the

latest flash car, let alone the ìbecome a millionaire overnightî booming

real estate market. So what use are they?


In fact every time, as we often do, hear them on talkback radio, or print

media, it is more often than not a saga of complaining about how this, or

that Government authorit



Hi Jon,


I am an 18yr old avid listener to your show. I have been listening tonight, and just heard Tony on air.


I must first say that I am Jewish, and usually enjoy listening to Tony speak. He sounds like a very well read man. However, tonight, I was truly disgusted and insulted by the way he spoke off the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. All of my Grandfather's immediate family were tortured and murdered by the Nazi regime, he still lives that hurt every day.


Today in Israel, I agree, the situation is shocking. Both sides of the situation have been and are in the wrong. But a comparison like this is ridiculous. I sympathise with the Palestinians completely and understand their want for a state, and hope that it does eventuate. But I also understand the constant fear of the Israeli people from the possibility of suicide bombers etc, and experience it personally, with my brother currently living in Israel.


I really hope that Tony could distinguish the difference between the murder of millions of Jews and other religions during the Holocaust and what is occuring in the Middle East today. His other comments on the Israeli government, about a recent law that was passed concerning citizenship of Palestinians; I think and I could be mistaken, but he has misunderstood the passing of the law. It actually related to the fact that if a citizen of Israel marries a person outside of Israel, Palestine included, the person is not automatically given Israeli citizenship. This is not a law of segregation, as Tony insinuated, but rather a method of protection for all people of all religions within Israel. Israel experiences a constant threat to terrorism, and must have very controlling laws, to insure the safety of its people. This law just ensures that all people given citizenship to Israel are properly examined before given rights to live in Israel. And one last point about Abraham, preaching Christianity. How is this possible, when to my limited understanding of Christianity, Jesus was the first Chrisitan. It is widely accepted, I thought, that Abraham was infact the father of the Jewish religion


I hope Tony gets back to facts - but it is just my point of view


Thanks Jon,



Hi Jon


I listened with interest last night to your and other listeners' comments

about the controversy involving Shane Warne sparked by Helen Cohen Alon in

South Africa.


I think (and hope)it is fair to interpret your point of view as suggesting

we should forget about it and move on. Indeed, this was the opinion of the

majority of callers.


I agree that Helen Cohen Alon does, especially after seeing her on A

Current Affair tonight, sound like a jilted and vindictive woman. With her

comments about fears for her own safety and murder etcetera, I cannot help

but be reminded of that bizarre and paranoid video tape made by fruitloop

(personal opinion) Pauline Hanson several years ago, where she said that if

anyone was looking at this tape she had probably been murdered.


I have no way of knowing if Shane Warne has done what this woman claims and

I do not intend to imply his "guilt". But given his past I make the

following comments.


1. In return for wealth and fame, people like Shane must expect to be be

judged by a different standard than that which applies to the broader



2. They must expect to pay a higher price for any indiscretions in return

for that same wealth, fame and celebrity/role model status.


3. People like Shane must have the savvy to know that if they involve

themselves in seedy activities, as he has already been proved to have done

in the past, there will always be a much greater risk of exposure BECAUSE

of their public stature. This is a price paid by ALL people in public life,

be it sport, media, entertainment, politics etc.



incumbent upon such people to behave to a standard higher than that which

applies to the community at large.


5. If they choose to involve themselves in controversial behaviour, and

demand that they be treated by the media in the same manner afforded to

people in the broader community, then they should join the broader

community and give up their status as a celebrity/role model. Their ain't

no free lunch!


In closing and regardless of the outcome of the present controversy, I

think it is especially sad that a sportsperson of such amazing talent, and

one who has made such a great contribution to Aussie cricket seems to

suffer incredible lapses in common sense and forgot to go to that school

where "How To Be Street-smart" is the core subject.


Thanks for your time and I love your show.


Good morning Jon,


Nickel Cadmium Batteries: The charging time varies with size.



9 Volt Transistor 9mA 15 Hours

AAA 1.25 Volt 45mA 6 Hours

AA 1.25 Volt 50mA 15 Hours

C 1.25 Volt 120mA 15 Hours

D 1.25 Volt 120mA 15 Hours


The chart covers the most common batteries. For other Nicads determine the

charging times from the details printed on the battery casings.

It is important not to exceed charging time for AAA Size.

Only charge nickel cadmium batteries. Other types of batteries could



Kind regards, Fritz

Hi Jon,


I just did a quick search for "Unchained Melody" on the net.


Apparently the original version of the song was in 1955 and there were two

versions of the song released that year. The song was written for the

soundtrack of a film called "Unchained" which was about the life of a guard

at a Californian prison. Al Hibbler sang the original version for the

soundtrack but it was also released simultaniously in Britain by someone

called Jimmy Young.


It seems that there were a lot of versions of the song recorded in the mid

to late 50's before the Righteous Brothers recorded it in 1965 but the two

songs mentioned above were the only ones that seem to have done anything on

the charts.


All the best, Joel

G'day Jon,

With regards to the following comment about skipping the double "T" in words

I, and plenty of others, would take to task the comment that in the word

"matter" the Americans (according to this listener and I've assumed that I

understand the full meaning of his comments) would change the word to

"mater" - two different meanings. The same with "latter" and "later" and a

lot of other words. I was taught in school that by only having one "T"

followed by an "E" the "A" sound preceding the double changed to "AY".

What annoys me most is the fact that today most computer systems come with

Microsoft Word and even though I've changed my "Language" to Australian

English, when I do a spell check the word "advice" does not apparently exist

in the American vocabulary because it keeps wanting to change the word to

"advise" and does not allow me to "Add" this word.

Perhaps Bill Gates and his mob should be made aware that contrary to "their

belief" the word "Advice" DOES EXIST. Advice is a Noun whereas Advise is a

Verb. Regards, Mike Perth

Hi Jon

Further to the mercury issue. Recommended safe mercury levels have been halved from 3.3 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per week to 1.6 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per week.

The World Health Organization issued the following media release on the day your guest was telling us we had nothing to worry about regarding mercury in fish etc. in the Southern Hemisphere. On what levels had your guest based his opinions? And what about cadmium levels in WA fish, crustaceans and shellfish. I believe pearl meat from Shark Bay in the species Pinctada albina is overloaded with cadmium yet I have never seen a warning on this.


The crime rate in Western Australia has reached an alarming height,it is time that the do-gooder's and the civil rights people should hang their heads in shame. I have come to the conclusion that these people are the real criminals.


I can guarantee that it I was in charge of law and order I would reduce the crime rate by 90 percent within two weeks, and this is the only solution to bring that about.


For every law breaker that is found guilty, starting with graffiti, house invasion, bag snatching, car theft, fighting causing bodily harm, stealing, rape and drug pushers.


All that were found guilty would be taken to prison and given 5 lashes.If they were caught a second time and found guilty they would be given the maximum sentence of six months, and 500 lashes given at the rate of 50 a fortnight, this would take them into five months of their sentence, giving them a month to reflect their future as a criminal. I know the protests will come thick and fast from the civil rights and the do-gooders, but unless these groups wake-up to the facts and are ignored our future in this state will become inbearable for the innocent who abide by the Law, and who and ignored by the law and the do-gooders society. We the majority are the victims of not only the criminals but the do-gooders' and civil rights movement.

It is time yes it is time to reverse this situation now


Ron the Flying Scotsman

All about Teflon

By Mary Bellis

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene was discovered on April 6, 1938 by Dr. Roy

Plunkett at the DuPont research laboratories (Jackson Laboratory in New

Jersey). Plunkett was working with gases related to Freon® refrigerants when

upon checking a frozen, compressed sample of tetrafluoroethylene, he and his

associates discovered that the sample had polymerized spontaneously into a

white, waxy solid to form polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE.


PTFE was first marketed under the DuPont Teflon ® trademark in 1945. The

molecular weight of Teflon can exceed 30,000,000, making it one of the

largest molecules known. The surface is so slippery, virtually nothing

sticks to it or is absorbed by it. No wonder Teflon was choosen to be used

on non-stick cooking pans.


Chemical Description of Teflon

Teflon is a colorless, odorless powder, a fluoroplastic with many properties

which give an increasingly wide range of uses.


Roy Plunkett (1911-1994) - Teflon

Roy Plunkett invented tetrafluoroethylene polymers or Teflon - National

Inventors Hall of Fame.


Dupont History

Dupont are the owners of Teflon.


Teflon ®

Dupont's own Teflon website.


Roy Plunkett - Teflon

In 1938, Roy Plunkett capitalized on an accident and invented one of the

best known and most widely used polymers of all time: Teflon.


Preparing Teflon for Bonding Using UV Radiation

Why Teflon Sticks to the Pan

First Synthesis of Teflon

Prevent Teflon Poisoning of Birds


Related Innovations


Regards Patrick.

Dear Jon,

I have lived in south Spain for the last 9 years, British citizen, wife

had affair with my "best" friend, took our children, then 4 & 7. I apid

everything for the first two years, then explained to my ex that I

couldn't carry on paying like I was - next thing, the children didn't

want to see me. Five years later, I haven't been with my children for a

single day, despite a court order for "access" every two weeks and half

the holidays.. I was thrown out of my house, my workplace, enormous

lawyers bill that I cannot pay - but what counts above everything is the

relationship with my children. I had nurtured them virtually by myself

since birth ( their mother claimed M.E. , which has miraculously cleared

away) . Hate mail, refusal to speak on the phone, no thank-you for

anything - I am the bad guy: and all because their mother is in a

position to poison our children against all that I try to do to show my

children that I have loved them since conception. Shared parenting by

court order might have prevented this - our children live in fear of

showing any love or affection for me. Praise to your Prime Minister for

looking at this issue - the best interests of ALL our children is served

with BOTH parents, whenever possible. I hope the world will learn from

your lead.

A desperate father,

Paul , Costa del Sol, Marbella, Spain.

Hi Jon

Loving you humour tonight, you are such a laugh.

Great clues on the quiz, Eric you're such a Burdon!!!!

Thanks for putting a laugh in my night tonight Jon.

Poor Debbie, it's no fun having constantly noisy neighbours.

Some young people just need training in manners and how to live with others. And sometimes they can be surprisingly accomodating when approached in a civil manner.

It's always worth a try to arrange a meeting when things are calm and try to come an arrangement on what times it is appropiate to play music and when to be quiet.

If it works then it is worth the effort.

Great listening to you Jon,


Hi Jon,

I am sick and tired of people talking about this conflict between the

Palestinians and the Jews. There is no such thing. There is a conflict

between the Palestinians and the Israeli's. Judaism is a religion whilst

Israel is a multi cultural country with signifigant numbers of Jewsh people,

Islamic people, Christian people, Buddist People and People of the Ba'hai

failth (The main temple of this faith is based in Haifa, Israel).


I spent a year in Israel in 1998 and mixed with all of those groups within

Israel aswell as Palestinian Muslims and Christians. I never had a problem

personally with any of them and it is for that reason that I am Pro Israel

yet not anti-Palestinian.


I think that in todays political climate the Palestinians need and deserve

their own state, however, the Israeli's have exacly the same rights.


I just wish that people would start thinking of this as a political conflict

instead of a religious one because i think that by doing this it would give

them some perspective and enable them to be able to see things more even



All the best to you and your listeners. Joel

Dear Jon, WATER-TANKS: We have 30 years experience in Dianella. We would

not recommend utilising untreated rain water for human consumption. Kind

regards, Fred

& Margaretha


Hi Jon, I am writing to see whether you or your listeners can help me out

in anyway. I'm a young person and I've always wanted to own and operate my

own music

store (cd/dvd store). I have some great ideas that would enable me to

provide the public with Top 40 and popular music as well as independent,

rare and out of print music that doesn't always make the charts. Also I

think that I could provide young Western Australian artists with a place

to record and sell their material. The problem is that I have no idea where

to get started. I was wondering whether you or listeners had any advice

on how to start a music business or a small business in general. All the

best, Joel


Jon, I just woke to hear a lady talking to you about her child. Not even

sure if

it was a girl or boy. Extremely hard to manage etc. There is a self help

group called "Tough Love". My cousin Trish in Sydney is associated with it

and I did read an article that appeared in the SMH. I will try and find

some reference to it on the net. May have a group here in Perth. Just found

the web site - address is

Regards Cathy

Tiananmen Square, Beijing June 1989, St George's Terrace, Perth March

2003. Why were they demonstrating ? One for democracy one for peace.

Isn't it sad, you can be run over by tanks or horses for such motives? mg


Hi Jon. I find it very interesting how some of those protesters resort to

violence when they don't get their own way. Isn't that what these

protesters are supposed to be protesting against? Or is violence only bad if the Americans are

doing it? Protesters, please explain this! Keep up the good work Jon. Chris


Hi Jon, I had a left hip replacement at Shenton Park when I was 48 and it

was excellent. To lose the pain was incredible. Stayed in about 10 days. I

had a review 10 years later when I was 58 - similar to a total hip - I was

in about 8 days. Fantastic result. I had a RIGHT hip replacement when I was

59 - ((Late last year) I went in on a Thursday morning, had the operation

in the afternoon and came home on the Monday. It was fantastic. I would

advise anyone who is slightly worried -don't be. I have never felt better

than after these operations. Win.


Hi Jon, I enjoy your Newsletters and I enjoy your show. It is amazing what you

learn just by listening. Also does Flora in America have email address as I

really enjoy listening to her. (Yes, JL) I appreciate all

that you put into your show's each night Jon, as I used to work in Radio

many years ago myself - with John Fryer, Peter Waltham, Garry Meadows who

was a great person, and many others. I really enjoyed my 5 years at 6IX and

it was great fun. I enjoy all the listeners, as none of us a perfect and

everyone is entitled to their point of view, we don't all think the same,

and just as well as it would be a sad old world. My philosophy in life is

you enjoy every day as life is too short and

precious for anything else. Take care and kind regards. Liz


Hi Jon. I have resisted for some time to e-mail you! However, your wise

counseling skills and patient manner make it my job to do so. I am a Mum of

seven children - all of whom I have a good rapport - and also a palliative

care nurse. I love my job but am sure your communication skills leave mine

in the shade. All I want to say is "congratulations" on an excellent

service to the community. (As an aside - can't you change your SHOCKING

introductory song?!!) Sue


Jon. 1. Next time a caller claims sanctions hurt the Iraqi people why don't

you ask the person why they do not hold Hussain responsible for

misappropriating the money? Instead of spending the oil profits on food and

medicine he spent it on palaces, women, and gold rimmed toilets. - 2. If

there are no longer any WMD's in Iraq then why did not the man throw open

the records on their disposal and allow unfettered inspections? - 3. Only

an idiot would go to war with any objective other than to win at the least

cost to his side. I suppose the other option would be to send coalition

troops in blindfolded. - Linda in California



Hey Jon, Just wanting to respond to your newsletter - in regards to the protestors, at

least there are people out there with passion and conviction and don't hold

back. I might not necessarily attach myself to the HMAS but I can understand

WHY these people do it. When you have a Government who won't listen even though

we live in a supposed democracy (an ideological facade of course) then people

do get desperate for somebody to listen and to take notice. While attaching

yourself to a ship isn't the best option, it gets attention.

Also, yes these 'brave troops' are out there doing a job and good on them for

risking their lives, but at the end of the day, war and militarism is legal

murder and dehumanises the value of life. They are brave for putting their

lives out there but I can't and won't support any form of murder or killing,

legal or illegal. This isn't a football match and I won't have some right-winged

conservative politician treating it like it is with common cliches of 'barrack

for the Aussies'. We should be focused mainly on the troop's safe return

through peace. We should also be barracking for as little lives lost as

possible. They shouldn't even be there in the first place.

Believe me, from experience, protestors have and continually aim their voices

at the politicians...but pigs WILL fly the day they listen...

I also hope the American soldier who gunned down the 7 women and children so

cold-bloodedly is tried for war crimes, but due to our double standards I

really don't think this will happen.

And I wonder what the 7 year old boy who had his arms blown off and his mother

and sister killed through coalition warfare thinks of all this...

Until Australians know what it's like to truly suffer, I still think we

will remain a rather apathetic society... I don't expect you to agree with

me...just voicing my opinions - at least we still have free speech! Stay well, Betty


Ants hate mint. You can sprinkle mint leaves across the ant path or use a

spray of mint oil and water. Outside, you can plant mint around the base

of your house to discourage ants. -- Linda in California

Hi Jon,

We have never been a moral society yet we are held by the ideas of morality.

Morals are there to make men shine infront of other men and to create pompus ceremonies.

Police and armed forces are bound by the oaths that they take and I think it is to uphold the system that controls the people and not for the people at all.

These politicians also pretend to rule for the people but in disguise they rule for big business and the system they have created, the armed forces then on orders rules for the system and we are really just a great money spinner.These armed forces forget they are only one of the rung of the ladder, the politicians another rung, at the top of the rung are we have these corporations and these groups under them are making the system that aids these corporations in taking over the world with us paying them to take it off us..

People will do almost anything for money , even fight wars for corporations.

All I can say is that the people must have something in them making them feel they need to be continually punished. Bad baby bad baby

Bound to consumerism and not authentic power.

Are we waiting for the politicians to dream our dream for us?

We as a tribe collectively are being dumbed by education and we have limited ourselves to letting these politicians dumb us and our children so we can maintain the slave mentality, slave to the system.

Ever wondered why they children are taught a lot of nothing and things they will never need in life.

Its called dumbing them on the guise of educating them.

We allowed ourselves to line up with the lies and deception.

The real reason why the big criminals want the small criminals stopped is because the big criminals don't want competition.

Ultimately we deceive ourselves through the lies yet we call on us to show the human spirit yet we hide and we hide the real dream from ourselves.

God is not discriminate and will issue law in accordance with action.

We cannot reach the highest realms as we are following a money trail.

Money has one way to go under the sun, and the humans have another way to go under the sun.

Everytime the government has a war on something it seems to escalate,a war on illiteracy seems to escalate more illiteracy.

A war on poverty seems to escalate, a war on terrorism will surely escalate.

A war on drugs seems to go the same way.

Are we as dumb as the politicians seems to think we are? The answer seems to be yes.

regards Robert

Australia's only World War 11 Aboriginal fighter pilot,

Leonard Victor Waters was born on the 20th June 1924 at Boomi, NSW. He was educated to the 7th grade at the Nindigully State School in Queensland and worked as a Shearer with a contractor in the Goondiwindi district. However, growing up in the era of Kingsford Smith, Hinkler and Lindbergh, Waters from the start, in his own words, had his 'head in the clouds'.

Len Waters enlisted in the RAAF on the 24th August 1942 as a trainee flight mechanic. Within a year he was applying for a

transfer to aircrew. His interviewing officer described his appearance and manners as 'a bit rough' but concluded favorably that Waters 'should make a fighter'.

Although exceptionally adept at Morse Code- a skill which he feared might see him allocated to wireless operator's duties-Waters wanted only to be a fighter pilot. He succeeded in his ambition and, after training on Tiger Moths and Wirraways, completed an operational conversion onto the P-40 Kittyhawk, one of the war's outstanding fighter-ground attack aircraft.

Described as a'gaunt, genial figure, humble despite his daring feats', Len Waters saw action with No78 Squadron. He flew ninety-five operational sorties from Noemfoor, Morotai and Tarakan, bombing and strafing Japanese ground positions.

Waters's most frightening, moment came when a bomb dropped by another aircraft hit his plane and, unexploded, lodged

behind him. Comparing the experience to having a loaded gun held to his head, Waters had to fly some three hours back to base with the bomb likely to detonate at any moment. 'I'll tell you what', he said afterwards, 'that was on of the best landings I ever made'.

In addition to his courage in air fighting, Waters won RAAF's middle-weight boxing title in the Islands.

Demobilised after the war, Len Waters spent thirty-five years in the most Australian of occupations, shearing, and estimated that he must have sheared a million sheep.


He died on the 24th August 1993 aged 69 in Cunnamulla and is buried at St. George Cemetery

(Thank you to Ron for this information)

Hi Jon. Short and sweet. I ask a very simple question. If there was no Oil

or any other Resources in Iraq,Would the Usa and coalition of the willing

be there? Considering the massive cost of the war machine which is

staggering. kind regards Graham / Geraldton

Dear Jon. What a laugh last friday niight your saturday morning , when i

was the guess where i am from slot.

I must not have a very strong welsh accent if they couldnt guess, even

though i have never lived anywhere else but Pembrokeshire. I guess me and

you that night were the Aussie version of Ceri and Gina our breakfast show

presenters on Ceri is also the station manager.

Hope you are ok , love to all at the station, keep up the drum lessons Bev


Morning Jon, Just a brief line to let you know that 6PR is being received

loud and clear in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK. We are enjoying the

'talking' and hope to be in Perth this Christmas - war permitting. Alan


Hey Jon, I have one thing to say to all the people that say the States are

only in Iraq so we can steal the oil!!! my response to them is that The

united States were accuse of the same thing when it liberated Kuwait,

however we "purchase" our Oil from them dont we? I dont think the USA has

ever "stolen" oil or controlled the oil prices from Kuwait so its not the

oil! Jon


Jon, I felt the need to contact you in order to let your listeners know

that it is possible to stop smoking I used to smoke about thirty fags a

day. When I had my heart attack I was told that I must stop smoking else

that will stop me, I never smoked another fag from that day to this and

that was two years ago , I found it hard to do but I thought that the only

way round this is to not buy any more fags. So that was that, but it was

hard for the first few weeks but it gets better as time goes on. God bless

you all keep well and please keep up the work. Regards Roger

Hi Jon. I listen with interest from the US to the comments regarding the

war and intentions of the US in Iraq. I received the following quote

yesterday which I think appropriately addresses the US intentions: "When in

England at a conference recently, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop

of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of "empire

building" by George Bush. He answered: "Over the years, the United States

has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for

freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for

in return is enough to bury those that did not return." It became very

quiet in the room!" Kay

Hi Jon, Heard you mention that you couldn't remember who said Judy, Judy,

Judy ! I think it was Archibald Alexander Leach better known as Cary Grant.

Mae West I believe said "its not the men in my life its the life in my men".

Best wishes, Huw

Hi Jon,

I am totally against this war and I really think that there was a lot more that could have been done diplomatically before it came to this. There is one thing that I really want to comment about though.

I am sick and tired of people blaming everything that goes wrong in the middle east on Israel. This is simply not true and comes from a total lack of understanding and knowledge of the history of the area.

If I was to go into everything this e-mail would be 20 pages long but lets just have a brief look at things. Prior to the 6 day war in 1967 there was no mention of the Palestinian people, the people living in Palestine were made up of people from Jordan, Egypt and Britain.

The major aggressors of the 6 day war were Jordan and Egypt and as a result of Israel defending herself she took land from both nations. Its worth mentioning here that the people fleeing Israel at that time were not forced out by Israeli soldiers but were encouraged to do so by the governments of Jordan and Egypt. When Israel won the war, those two countries woould not accept the refugees that they had actually created and this is where the people now knowen as the Palestinians come from.


Peace obviously had to be made with Egypt and Jordan because it was in the best interests of all countries concerned. Israel negotiated a peace treaty with Egypt, giving back the Sinai, which was almost as big as Israel itself. This peace treaty still stands firm today. Again in the early 90's under the leadership of Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin and the couragous leadership of the late King Hussein of Jordan (no relation to Saddam), peace was made between Israel and Jordan. This treaty and the relationship between Israel and Jordan is still strong today.


Keeping this in mind the question has to asked why there can't be peace made between Israel and the Palestinians. Given Israels track record of negotiation and making concessions for peace and the fact that at Camp David in 2000 former Prime Minister Barak offered Arafat 97 percent of what he had asked for and it still was rejected, the finger surely has to be pointed at the Palestinans and their leadership.


I spent a year in Israel in 1998 and I have to say that I never had a negative experience with Israelis, Israeli Arabs or Palestinians so on a human level all these people can get on however serious questions have to be asked about the leadership of the Palestinians and people have to stop looking at these issues so narrowly.


All the best, Joel

Jon Lewis,

In the tense times in which we live many people place the prefix "so-called" when referring to a religions followed by other people, or ethnic groups. This is used in a derogatory sense to imply that the other person's religion is a false man-made concoction. However the truth is that all religions are "so-called". For when you think about it no-one not even the Pope, Mohammad, or even Jesus could have known for sure that there was really a God. They might have come to some conclusion through a long process of logic that in their hearts they believed there had to be a God, but it would have always had to have been by their faith and never by them actually knowing for sure. For not knowing for sure is the very essence that gives us existence.

For instance: If one day you opened the door of your house and there stood this figure who said "here you are I'm God, you don't ever need to wonder, or doubt any more, I am real". Ask your self just what would there be left in life for you to live for? You obviously would never sin again, or indulge in selfishness, cos you would know for sure that all your transgression would be most likely to be punished, for you had been shown God. Just think about it, how terrible would be for you, who had seen God, to commit sins when many who didn't know for sure had done good things such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus, Fred Hollows, Albert Zvietser, etc? Ask yourself, could you go on living, or more importantly what would you have to go on living has ever seen God, or knows for sure that there is a God.

All the nonsense screaming such as we see of "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah", or the equivalent Christian declarations about God, are just can claim to bear witness to anything, it's all falsehoods and made up lies, repeated by mindless enslaved sheep. However to be fair...... I don't believe that Jesus ever said that he knew he knew for sure either. He talked about his father in heaven, in the same way he said that we were all the children of God i.e. "your father in heaven also". All the other rubbish has been put there by, usually power hungry men, for their own purposes.

He did say "the kingdom of heaven within you" which is very true. The God that we perceive in our lives is the product of our inner thoughts, hopes and dreams. That does not means that our God in not just as all encompassing and powerful, but all that he does is done through our faith and not the ranting of thieves and liars.

Think about it Jon....and the truth will set you free and give your life wings. No doubt you are afraid to dare to venture into such a subject in case it brings conflict into you program, but on the other hand it could bring a great awakening to your listeners, that could amaze you? Rangie

Hello Jon,

I am saddened that the impending war has filled up so much of the airwaves.

This war will, I believe, cost us millions probably more. I personally

believe that this money could better be spent fighting the war on our

health system, our homless kids and the war on drugs which is killing and

crippling so many of our young.

Not long ago I attended the funeral of a street kid and her unborn child,

victims to heroin. She had completely given up on life.

I have included a poem I wrote about her.


"Melissa Jane And Baby Jade"


Within these chapel walls so gray

I farewelled two children today

The chaplin offered up their souls

To the heavenly kingdom paved with gold.


Melissa Jane now rests in peace

A victim of the heroin beast

Not another mourner could be seen

For this sweet child of seventeen.


The back alleys of perth she roamed

Train stations and parks were her home

This child nobody seemed to know

never got the chance to shine and glow.


Molested from an early age

She roamed this world filled with a rage

But to street kids much younger than she

A mother figure she came to be.


Like a little doting mother hen

She fought their battles, protected them

She'd tell them always walk with pride

Remember I'm always at your side.


But there was no one there for her

When slinking like a mangy cur

Deaths dealer came to seek her out

Come home with me I'll help you out.


And once he'd had his lustful way

He spat her out, chased her away

It was'nt long before she knew

Within her womb life stirred anew.


So searching for a remedy

With heavy heart she came to me

I'm running out of space and time

What will happen to this child of mine.


There are no options she declared

I'm catholic so best get prepared

But fate stepped in and played it's hand

Deaths dealer called with the final plan.


And so I said farewell today

To Melissa Jane and unborn Jade

Within my heart their spirit sleeps

Mine to cherish and to keep.


I think we have to get our priorities right.

We can win this war at home, it only takes will.


Thank you,



Youth Advocate

Hi Jon, Just wanted to thank you fro your show as I go to sleep listening to you every night or at least your program no matter who is hosting.&nbsp; I sent you a reading the other night and just wanted top know if you had read it out as I may have missed it.. Keep up the good work and take care.

Here is a poem of mine and I would like to share it with your listeners:

Her Weaving Hands

Like the weaving hands of a craftsman

She invisibly whispers through natural signs and images

The Secret knowledge of how

Body, mind, emotions and spirit - work upon each other.

She creates - She feeds - She protects life,

She's 'Earth' - She's our 'Mother'.

Her weaving in life - enables us to blend ourselves into the energies

Embedded in the creation and the creatures of nature.

That we're in tune with - Our 'Creator' - Her 'Creator' - Our 'God'

She helps us to carry Love; Life and Healing to each other and ourselves.

Bringing Peace; Joy and Survival to all of Her children

As they roam the earth which was created

Through the 'Dreamtime'.

Now!.....She moans with pain - as She waits for Her children to be one again.

She cries silently - For!..... Her children are lost

But still!....Her love lives on and She will continue to provide for us

And accept us in the end - When we return to!

The Earth! - Our Land! - Our Mother!

"Where we'll be in 'Her Weaving Hands' again."

Yours sincerely: Gwynette

Hi Jon,

Listening to Vincents comments last night ( very good as always) he made some good points that I agree with concerning Iraq.

It seems plain and simple that Saddam had no connection to Sept 11 , Bali or has been caught selling bad weapons to terrorists , nor has he had any link to Osama or Taliban.


So the question is why ? why attack him .


Normally Wars are for economy , money power etc , could this be the total reason . Maybe the World bank is behind it or some millionaire US Oil magnates, British are backing USA 100% , maybe USA has made some quiet threats to the British if they don't help , also along with Australia , they are very powerful with world economy and world trade , they could force most western countries to do what ever they want.


I do believe there is allot more in the Iraq picture than we are being told , the disarming is just a "reason" , China , India , Libya , Cuba and many other countries like that hold bad weapons and bad leaders , why single out Saddam?





hi jon, i have a social security advance payment form here,so here the details you were talking about on radio today.

it says $250===repay 19--30 fortnight.

$ 300----- 23--10 fn

$ 350====== 27-00 fn

$ 400=======30-80 fn

$450 ======34-70 fn

$500 =====38-50 fn


so now you can tell people who ring up for details.payable over 6 months.

it also says a change in circumstances unforeseen and exceptional,then the rate of repayment can

be reduced where they would suffer severe financial hardship because of the change.

and no loans less than $250,or more than $ 500.and all loans divided by 13 pensions.

they can also request their loan and ask to recieve half now,and half later, as they can no longer request 2 loans a year,only one.i believe they still pay over 6 months,if they request half now half is to help people who don,t want to spend it all in one go.but they must apply in one go.

also if they get a loan in feb say,their next loan will be next feb or after,must leave a year between.not by calendar yr jan,but a year after you get the first one.hope this helps you jon.the lady on radio said ring up for loan,when i rang them last week,they sent me usual form,they never said ,do it on phone.on form you put expenses,income,debts,and minus total expenses from total income,to show you can afford the make it quicker they can hand form in social offices,if not post it also says,anyone who owes money to ssocial security or other commonwealth depts they can,t get advance payments.and finally it says if the person can afford bigger repayments anytime,the loan is repaid quicker,all best diana

Hi Jon,


The lady with money problems, is probably feeling much happier after

hearing all that your callers are saying to you re: Advanced Payment.


I have to tell you though, that you need to have been on a benefit a

certain amount of time before you even qualify. I cannot recall the

amount of time, but I really believe that you need to have been on a

Centre Link payment for longer than five months. I would be very

surprised if she qualifies, and I feel so sad for the way she will feel

when she finds this out, because your callers are so keen to help, they

are making it sound easy.


She can easily get a delay in paying her Electricity bill. It is

horrible asking for this, but let her know that when you ring the SEC

you get a recorded voice, so it is impersonal, and nothing to be

embarrassed about. They will often give you an extra five to six weeks

to pay the bill. I find that really has helped me.



Find Jon Lewis on the web...

(Let me know if you find more?)


Hi Jon

I have just watched the National Press Club's luncheon speaker Dr David Pimentel on ABC TV. He made the point that there are 6.2 billion people in the world at present. He was asked how many people could the world sustain. His answer was that if the standard of living was the same as the Europeans (which is less than the Americans) the figure is around 2 billion. He claimed that at present around 4 billion live in poverty worldwide and that 3 billion are malnourished as far as calories, vitamins, iodine, iron etc are concerned. He went on to say that if humans do not do something about the over population problem - nature will!

Pollution has stopped him eating raw oysters and clams, rare beef and soft-boiled eggs. 44% of the lakes in America are unfit for swimming. 3 billion kilograms of pesticide is used annually. The weight of livestock required to feed humans is 5 times that of humans in the US and it takes 43,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of beef. This does not include how much the cow drinks, only the amount need to produce the feed. One chicken requires 3,500 litres per kilogram. 1 kilogram of grain requires 1000 litres and rice requires twice that. Last year California lost 200,000 hectares to "development". They have 33 million population and that will double this century. His statements would tend to support my contention in the email I sent you stating that we have too many people. Is it really true that you cannot see a problem? Below is the web page phone number, email address and credentials of this professor. Is he wrong?




getting an old frypan recoated with teflon, how do you do it?


Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 02:04:29

message: Hello Jon!


Just thought I'd send you a note letting you know that there are people out there listening via the internet.


I'm currently in Glendale, California, in greater Los Angeles but live in Bull Creek, south of the river!




I can no longer open the hypertext links that come in my outlook express inbox. when I click on the link I get the hand up and nothing else happens. I can only open them by copy and pasting which is a bit of a bind. Has anyone got any ideas?



My comment: I know this is late, but I thought I would share with you personally, my personal observations of two families in regards to smacking kids:


Two families give their kids lots of love and attention. One family is conservative with lots of rules with time-outs and spankings (not beatings) for discipline. The other family has a more relaxed household with no spanking and no hitting of each other by children allowed. Discipline consists of time-outs, discussion, observation of consequences, making restitution, etc.


In the first family the children will deny they did anything wrong to avoid punishment. Everyone ends up unhappy and the kids end up in worse trouble for lying.


In the second family, the children are honest to a fault. They will apologize and are helped to decide on appropriate restitution. Once the wrong has been made whole all is forgiven.


Children can be raised without smacking them.



Moreno Valley CA

Tuesday, July 2, 2002 at 19:00:16

Dear Jon,


I found these lyrics on a Judy Garland website and thought you might be interested. When I tried to download a copy of the song elsewhere it said that it was sung by Fred Astaire and Debbie Reynolds and the song had slightly different lyrics. But here you go anyway.




Good Morning!


Good mornin', good mornin'!

We've danced the whole night through,

good mornin', good mornin' to you.


Good mornin', good mornin'!

It's great to stay up late,

good mornin', good mornin' to you.


When the band began to play

the sun was shinin' bright.

Now the milkman's on his way,

it's too late to say goodnight.


So, good mornin', good mornin'!

Sunbeams will soon smile through,

good mornin', my darlin', to you.


Here we are together,

a couple of stand-uppers.

Our day is done, breakfast time

starts with our supper.


Here we are together,

ah, but the best of friends must party.

So let me sing this party song

from the bottom of my hearty.


Good morning, it's a lovely morning.

Good morning, what a wonderful day.

We danced the whole night through.

Good morning, good morning to you.


I said good morning, see the sun is shinin'.

Good morning, hear the birdies sing.

It's great to stay up late.

Good mornin', good mornin' to you.


When the band began to play

the stars were shinin' bright.

Now the milkman's on his way,

it's too late to say goodnight.


Good morning, good morning!

Sunbeams will soon smile through.

Good mornin', good morning',

Good mornin', my darlin', to you!


Many thanks for your latest news letter Jon.

As promised, here is the poem for Vinka(?). It's called.........



I ask of you my dear, to lay and close your eyes

And call to me in heaven - just above the skies

And I will come and hover, just above your bed

I ask you feel my hands I place upon your head

And let me gently quieten the troubles of your mind

As you think of me, your loved one, you had to leave behind.


And now I ask you, feel my hands upon your cheek

As I wipe away the tears of sorrow - that you feel so very deep.

I hover, oh so closely, and whisper in your ear,

"Don't grieve for me my dearest, for I am with you here".

I gently move my hands and lay them on your heart,

And mend the break that happened the day that we did part.


I ask of you my dear one, feel my arms around you tight

And feel my very presence, shimmering with Light,

We cradle like a mother and her child, there in the night

And I will stay and comfort you until the morning light.

I ask of you my dear one, let love in you abound

For I am only one of many angels that do you surround.


* * * * * * *


And this one I read on your program in response to someone in sorrow at the loss of a dear pet.

It's called..................



If you want a lesson in faith and trust,

Then learn from a beloved dog we must.

When your eyes first see a puppy near

Your arms reach out to hold it dear.


They come in the very shape of love,

A beautiful present from above

Though your shoes are chewed one by one,

You forgive them because they're young.


You persevere to teach them a trick,

And them your face or hand they lick'

And if you have to give them a slap

They'll forgive and come and sit on your lap

Or on a floor they'll lay at your feet'

Love for this dog can make you weep.


They have courage and will protect this family and home'

>From your side they will never roam

You look into their eyes so bright'

You see their love and the world seems so right.


You give love to them and they give love to you,

All the years through and through

Years of faith and trust they give

As in your home and heart they live.


Then you know heartbreak, and the tears spill,

For they must leave you, it is God's will.

This faithful dog has now lost life's lust,

Still in you does he trust.


They know too it is time to part,

But they leave you with a peaceful heart and the giving of a paw,

And eyes that say "I thank you"

As they leave forever more.


And as you cry your sorrowing tears,

Remember, this dog has shown you faith and trust through all their years.

* * * * * * * * *

Best regards, from Julie of Golden Bay

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at 02:05:56

message: Hi Good Morning!

You have good values and standards that have a great ripple effect. It is obvious to see that you were meant to be spreading your positive attitude in life to others. There is no doubt that you will make a great loving parent if/when the time is right.

I say to my children:- I don't expect them to be doctors or lawyers so I can go bragging about how smart my children are. But, I do encourage them to set themselves goals. Irregardless of their career choice, as long as they are the BEST they can be at whatever it is they choose in career/life, (be it white collar, blue, red or black collar worker..)As long as they do that to the best of their ability and always have, and achieve attainable goals.

We need to give them support,morale, our time, enthusiasm, and guideance.

Once they have your support, love, and understanding, they won't let you down, but more importantly they won't let themselves down..




Hi Jon, Why do Australian Media outlets insist on calling the WORLD CUP as SOCCERS World Cup.? seriously what other world cup is there that matters to the world. Its Football not soccer, were is the S in the word FIFA. (Federation of International FOOTBALL Associations)

Who cares about colonial sports like Cricket, (Rugby or in that fact Aussie Rules the sport that insits on calling it self Football, pathetic.....)


June 29th 2002


thought you may like to see what I do here in NW Florida to pass the time.

This is striclty a hobby. The article was written in April, early in our

nesting season. To date we have fledged 116 bluebirds from our boxes, with

about 50 more to go this year. Check it out.

Phil Berry, Gulf Breeze, Florida USA


Thank you so much for the we are world famous, thanks to

Jon Lewis and 6PR.


Jon, I got onto your station by watching Who Dares Wins.....Howard Sattler

was whisked away from the station to do a dare. I have been listening since.

...Who Dares only ran here a few months, and then only on satellite. Phil Berry

June 29th 2002

Dear Jon,

I was interested in your discussion about "intelligence". It seems you believe that memory is and has no bearing, or place in how we define intelligence.

In the contemporary psychology, such a espoused in modern practice, memory is the basic for all that we like to call intelligence. It seems you are intent on putting "intelligence" into some mystical religious contexed. That it is something bestowed by God and not achievable by any other means?

On the matter of computers beating people at chess, I really do doubt the varsity of the publicity blurb that Pascie was able to beat a high powered computer, I really do. It was probable that the computer industry used this so-called contest as a vehicle for future public relations.

The computer can, within a split second, review all the possible moves and their outcomes/consequence and, by deduction, choose the most appropriate move. Pascie would never be able to do that.

We and our personalities are made up memories which govern our functions and how we react to situations.

Is this not a definition of our "intelligence?

Regards Sheen


hey jon ,

I heard the discussion on the leaning tower and thought I'd send you the true facts.


Pisa is a university town with around 100,000 residents and was the birthplace in 1564 of Galileo Galilei - astronomer, physicist, mathematician, scientist, philosopher, painter, lute player, all-round genius and climber of the Tower of Pisa's 294 steps to put his gravity theories to the test.

Right in the Tuscan region, Pisa has had a volatile and interesting history. In the Middle Ages, before the River Arno was clogged and it flowed to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the port city became very wealthy. Its skilled sailors conquered many lands including Jerusalem, Carthago, Ibiza, Mallorca, Africa, Belgium, Britannia, Norway, Spain and Morocco. Ironically, their greatest enemy was Florence, and the two had many fierce wars.

The tower was built to show the rest of the world, particularly Florence, their wealth, but was built on very soft alluvial soil which accounts for its instability.

Construction began in 1173, but by the time the first three levels had been built, the building had started to lean southwards. Architects tried to compensate, with no success. Time and money spent on battles (the people went off to fight )with Florence meant the tower was forgotten for a while, and historians believe it wasn't completed until 1350.

The tower's lean gradually became greater, and in 1990, when it tilted 5.5º, it was closed. Engineers from around the world put in submissions to right the construction, and in June 1999 the tower leaned 3cm less than at the beginning of the year. That was considered a giant leap, as it was perilously close to toppling.

The team led by John Burland, a professor of soil mechanics at London's Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, tied one side of the tower with steel cables to anchor it, put huge corkscrew drills into the ground and pulled out all the dirt, and by using lead weight, the tower swung back to upright.

Leaning Tower of Pisa entry is around $25 per person


the researcher

16/6/02 4:04

Hi Jon, Heres some information on the "new" 'A Little Less Conversation" track by Elvis.

Firstly, It is a remix...not an unreleased song. It was remixed by a German

DJ called DJ DXL. It was remixed originally for a Nike advert and it has taked off from there.

The original version was recorded in 1968 as a b-side for the Almost in Love

single and was used in one of Elvis' last movies as a montage between two scenes.


The original version was only 99 seconds long whilst the remix lasts for

over 6 and a half minutes. The condition that Elvis Presley Enterprises

(the body responsible for granting permision to use any Presley song or

trademark - and this is the first song that they have allowed to be remixed)

put on the song being remixed was that Elvis' vocals could not be interupted

or distorted in any way and the basic chord structure had to remain the

same. So the re mixed version is basically the original looped around and

around with various drum beats and guitar riffs dropped into certain places.


Its a good remix but really as with most things is his voice that

sells it not anything else.


As for my opinion on who was better...The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, I

really don't think that there is any comparison. The Rolling Stones were a

good Rock band but they didn't create any new style of music. The Beatles

were really the first band that wrote their own songs and played their own

instruments. They were also the first band to manage their own production

company "Apple Records" The created a music formula that is still

influencing bands today and their music is still loved by young people. So

much so that their "1" album realesed in december of 2000 became the highest

selling album in 23 countries around the world in 2001 including Australia.

Its really a case of Rolling who? when you compare the two.


I hope you have a good morning, Joel

Sunday, June 2, 2002 at 05:46:53

message: G'day, John, for your information and enjoyment, there is a virtual tour of the Opera house on line. I'm sure you can find it! regards, Barry of Byford (a regular Jim)


My sister in WA turned me on to this radio. Right now I'm listening at 1:50 pm EST USA. Shelley speaks to you often I believe. I caught her once speaking to you about Anne Beaulyn (spelling?).

Take care be well




It is said there are Angels in God's Kingdom in the sky,

All dressed in white, with harps to play and wings to fly,

Guardian Angels with us night and day,

To help us always find the way.


But here on earth, they show a different face,

As when in times of trouble, us they do embrace.

They dress very different to the Angels above,

But when they come, they come with love,

And in their hands not a harp you'll find,

But things to comfort of a different kind,

And when they speak, words of wisdom you hear,

To soothe, to comfort, to take away our fear.


I believe God picked the very best Angels He had,

And said to them, "Go and help the sick and the sad".

And in our time of sickness and sorrow, we would not have got by

Without these 'Silver Angels' from the sky.


Thank you seems so little to say,

For the strength, love and comfort you gave to us all each day,

But we do say thank you sincerely from the bottom of our heart,

And thank you from the loved one from which we did part.


from Julie of Golden


We were all trying to remember the lyrics to this song, who wrote it and who performed it?

Thank you to Marion and William for sending in these lyrics! JL

The Rhythm of Life


Daddy started out in San Francisco,

tootin' on a trumpet loud and mean,

Suddenly a voice said, "Go forth, Daddy,

spread the picture on a wider screen."

And the voice said , "Brother, there's a million pigeons ready to be hooked

on new religions,

Hit the road, Daddy, leave your common law wife.

Spread the religion of the Rhythm of Life."

And the Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat,

Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet,

Rhythm in your bedroom, rhythm in the street,

Yes, the Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat.

To feel the Rhythm of Life, To feel the powerful beat,

To feel the tingle in your fingers, To feel the tingle in your feet.

Daddy spread the gospel in Milwaukee,

Took his walkie-talkie to Rocky Ridge,

Blew his way to Canton, then to Scranton, till he landed under the

Manhattan Bridge.

Daddy was a new sensation, Got himself a congregation,

Built up quite an operation down below,

With the pie-eyed piper blowing while the muscatel was flowing,

All the cats were go, go, going down below.

Daddy was a new sensation,

Got himself a congregation,

Built up quite an operation down below.

With the pie-eyed piper blowing,

While the muscatel was flowing

All the cats were go, go, going down below.


Flip your wings and fly to Daddy

Flip your wings and fly to Daddy

Flip your wings and fly to Daddy, Fly, fly, fly, to Daddy.

Take a dive and swim to Daddy

Take a dive and swim to Daddy

Take a dive and swim to Daddy, swim, swim, swim to Daddy

Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy, crawl, crawl, crawl to Daddy.


To feel the Rhythm of Life, To feel the powerful beat

To feel the Rhythm in your fingers, To feel the tingle in your feet.

To feel the Rhythm of Life, To feel the powerful beat

To feel the Rhythm in your fingers, To feel the tingle in your feet.


Flip your wings and fly to Daddy, Take a dive and crawl to Daddy, Hit the

floor and crawl to Daddy,

Daddy we got the Rhythm of Life, of life, of life of life.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Man!


Hi Jon, after reading the above, it proves to me, that far to many

including yourself do not understand the Tax system.

Let me try to help you understand what the old Sales Tax against the GST

does mean. First of all as long as you have cash as our monetary system you

will always have the black economy, but at a much reduced amount and far

more money getting to the Government.

Under the old 22% Sales Tax system the black economy was running rampant,

all manufactures were buying their materials Sales Tax free, and when they

did a cash job the Government was losing the S/Tax and the income Tax, and

this was doing big time. Now under the new 10% GST this has cut down the

loses to the Government by at least 50%, how you say? All business, not just

the manufactures now pay 10% on all materials and fuel purchased, and there

is not a supplier that would dare not to charge the GST. Even the lawn

mower guy has to pay GST on his equipment, parts and service and offcourse

his fuel.

The fact that the ATO is going to crack down on not just small but large

business as well, I welcome that. Why should many business comply with the

law and do the right thing and the others not, I do not call that fair Jon.

I also read the opinions in the West and as usual the latest comments re the

Stamp Duty going up by this Labor Government, and the Howard government

being blamed by this comment by a few readers ( I thought the stamp duty was

suppose to end when the GST was introduced ). Well, it was but under the

original GST plan along with fuel excise and other taxes.

I have stated a new Business, bookkeeping, as so many small business have

not a clue what books are all about, I was called in to a business to do his

books and I could not believe what I saw, this guy has been charging GST

since it came in and has collected well over the $70,000 and paid not a cent

to the ATO. I walk away from this job and told him to go and do a deal with

the ATO, as sure as the sun shines he will be caught, as he has a ABN # and

they will be calling on him for sure.

The quicker these small business that are not paying the GST get put out of

business the better for all. It also stops the cut pricing that goes on and

makes it hard for the genuine business to compete with these crooks.

LONG LIVE THE GST the best thing since sliced bread, believe me Jon, I know

being an ex manufacturer for 42 Years. I did a lot of work for the wealthy

and I always added 22% on to the quote above the 22% that was already on it,

for 9 out of 10 wanted to pay cash to save the 22% S/tax , I let them think

they got a good deal.



Dear Jon,

I cannot sit back without making a comment about the federal goverment's


I have been in the work force for nearly thirty years, sometimes paying tax

for two

jobs. I have been on the newstart allowance for two years, from Dec. 1999 to

Dec. 2001. I have been placed on the liver transplant list three months ago,

which means

carrying a pager with me 24 hours a day, and also the liver transplant team


of surgeons, anasthetists, specialists and intensive care nurses are on

standby 24

hours a day. Due to my liver failure I have osteoporosis and fractured three


in my spine. The medications I have to take every day started attacking my


lining which caused internal bleeding and another week in hospital. The

doctors have

told me that unless there is a liver donor available I probably have 15

months to live.

I ask the federal minister for social security if under these circumstances

could she

work 15 hours a week and also on the present disability support pension of

208 dollars

a week could she survive? I had to sell my house, car and used up all my


I am not scared of working but who is going to give me a job under my


There was a lady on 6pr's afternoon program and she said that if it is good

for one it

should be good for all. Has enyone heard of politicians cutting back on their

pay and

retirement benefits not to mention all the perks that even their immediate

family receive?


Hi Jon,


been missing your shows lately , holidays etc ,but the newsletter is good , keeps me uptodate.


Little gripe first, The news yesterday about NAB making billions first quarter profit , then still closing branches disgusting!

It really proves they are shareholder- profit driven and no customer driven that's for sure! I wonder where it will all end?


Just how much money is enough , will we soon be left with NAB branches in capital cities only? and will we have to pay money to go into those branches ? $10 admittance fee.


Telstra not much different , the most profitable gov't enterprise that make huge amounts of money , also cutting back on services and now they want to increase line fees! outrageous , and the govt supports this ......... could it be that most of our top politicians are major shareholders in NAB and Telstra ????


Anyways , with the help of Dave Brown I got a web site up and going on my cinema days , its plain and simple but it worked!!!! take a look when you have a minute


see what you think.




I thoroughly enjoy your show Jon and just really wanted to say a little bit about "organ donation" I know many people think about it and say they will do something about it, but like many things, until you are put into that situation it just after a while "disappears from your thoughts"


Although My family and I have always ticked the donor box it was not until several years ago that my healthy 18 year old son was in a car accident and we were approached regarding donation. We knew his wishes and had no hesitation in saying yes. But, somewone was looking after us andhe pulled through but 12 months later my husband needed a kidney.


He has been waiting about 4 years now and I can tell you it is is just so hard for everyone apart from him. We are just waiting in hope - a donation is just so precious and can help so many people.


You are presently playing that beautiful song - time to say goodbye.

We have felt that as a family several times in the last few years ......... seems appropriate.


Have a good morning.



I will call in one

day soon Jon:). I did want to make a comment though on the Defence

of Australia's shores, one thing that concerns me is

that I think Oz needs to look at the need to defend

from within? In California last year while I am not

racist nor biggoted it became a bit of a worry that

due to all the illegal immigration via the unprotected

borders of The USA we have had so much of an influx of

Meixicans that in last years state elections the

Hispanic population is now the majority in Orange

County (disneyland) so they through the voice of their

elected officials now have the opportunity of changing

the face of California with the sanction of the

government! I wondered if Australia is still allowing

sanctuary if you like to foreigners? and what do your

listeners think about the possibility of Oz being

changed into say Indonesia due to population I will

repeat again I am not against allowing people to

better themselves but it has to be noted that

California is now an extention of Mexico!


I believe that the latest federal budget will also include the re-assesment of people on disability allowance..

well lets looks at the other side of the fence...the employer.


who is going to take on some-one who has been off work due to a disability?


The ramifications of employing such a person who may apply for workers compensation in the future will be a major obstacle....


never mind discrimination and equal opportunities...the fact is that employers have to consider this when they employ some one....and all employment application forms ask for previous medical history, I know this for a fact, for I used to employ people in the cleaning industry. and now that I suffer from a back condition and knee ligament problems, I too would have buckleys chance of gaining employment in 99% of cases.


I think the govt is targeting the wrong people...lets look at the professional dole blugers, people with 2 strong arms and legs but have the desire not to work, and there are plenty of them..... ABLE but UNWILLING to work!





I listen every night through to the morning and I think you have a really beaut programme. It's the first time I've emailed you although I rang you a couple of times way back. I'd be interested in receiving your newsletter if you'd like to send me one.

Do you want contributions? I might have the occasional handy hint to offer.

There's a big storm coming up now. I'm in East Fremantle.

But wait. There's more. I heard you talking about the man eating shark. Toodloo from Shirley.

(yes please I love cotributions!JL)
(On air a listener asked how many words end in gry? He said there were only three? JL)

Hi Jon - I thought this might help.


Bill from Maddington

The topic continues, swap meets, trade days, flea markets, multi-family garage sales; all much the same. If you have a chance, the attached website is of Canton, TX and claims to be the original and the biggest. It accomodates both the professional business and the odd lot/brick brack seller. You pay according to the size of space rented. I have acquaintances that make metal bed frames and huge trailerable barbecues just to sell at the Canton Trade days. It seems to work as many supplement their income selling at flea markets. Hey, we're listening in here in Dallas, Texas. Greg
Good morning Jon,

I've been listening to your show and have heard people talking about swapmeets. I would just like to warn you and your listeners to keep a close eye on the stuff you are selling at swapmeets. About a month or two ago, my family and I went to the swapmeet at Maddington Shopping centre to sell some items we no longer wanted and needed. My brother had decided to sell his Sony Playstation and had taken it along in a pillowcase so it wouldn't get damaged. There was a young boy there, and had seen my brother putting a price sticker on his Playstation. He waited until my brothers back was turned then grabbed the Playstation (that was still in the pillowcase) and walked off with it, right in front of about a half a dozen people. Luckily I had seen the boy walking off with it and had told my brother, so he got his Playstation back. So to all the people who sell at swapmeets, be very careful.

Take care and have a nice day :)


Just dropping a line, we're still listening in Dallas, Texas, USA. My goodness, the topics were all over the ballpark today.


Few thoughts; we've been through the taxation issue at swap meets here in the U.S., and yes swap meets do attract those that sell for a living. So what. If the government wants the tax money then ALL should charge the tax and pay it. Whether you are a professional seller or those that go to sell brick brack or other garage sale items. What is good for one is good for all.


How did you get on the topic of of those that have fought in foreign wars? It would be hard for anyone over 40 to not know of someone that was in those wars, or have family that participated. For some quirk in time, I was not selected, but my father,brothers and my son in law were or enlisted. My father in the US Navy Air Corp.WWII, my brother in the US Army Signal Corp. - Vietnam, and my son in law in the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier in Desert Storm. All have shocking if not unbelievable stories of their experiences. It seems historically we have made war necessary to solve our problems and differences, and for the foreseeable future it looks the same. We just can't all agree on how things should be in the world.


As always, it was a pleasure to listen in on those calling you, they were informative of Australian views, and easy to listen in. Have a great day, and catch you tomorrow.Greg!

Hi John, Kalgoorlie was originally called Hannan's Field and was later named Kalgoorlie. Apparently the word comes from the Aboriginal word 'kulgoolah' meaning 'silky pear' - the pear was common along the Boulder ridge-Shimo

Good Morning Jon, Me and my husband have just hook-up to cable and we are now able to get all kinds of Radio stations through the internet...20 yrs ago we travelled through Australia for 6 months..we were able to get to Perth and it is truly bringing around good memories listening to your morning show..we really enjoy your talk show as they do not have such here in our area..we live in Quesnel, British Columbia, is city of around 30, the interior part of the province...we will be a regular listeners to your show as when you are on we are in the morning time of 10 A.M. We just wanted to say Good Morning and keep up the good your show... Your Canadian listeners, Clive and Nancy...Here is a question to ponder..How is the weather changing down your way...up here it is May 6th and suppose to be spring we have just had a dump on snow about a foot which is very unusual makes you wonder what is you find changes your way...(Yes I do JL)

(Talking computer virus on air and how they start JL)

How it works is u have some brilliant computer geek... and he is wanting a job. So in order to get one... what he does is he creates a virus. The point of creating it is so it will attack some major system and bring it down. If he succeeds he then steps forward and says "yeah that was me" now providing he does not get arrested he should have a pretty good job lined up!!! Why??? Well what better way is there to guard a corporate computer form viruses than someone who makes them!!!! This is just in response to a comment I heard about the virus protectors create the virusÖ well that would not really work because there are loads of places to get virus scanners and such on the net. Cheers Dave.
Hi Jon - Thought this may come in handy. I know you could have used it last night but I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed to send it(haha). Still, it'll come in handy on other nights I'm sure.


Bill from Maddington

(We were talking of Kalgoorlie on the show JL)


Latitude : 30 45 S Longitude : 121 28 E


Kalgoorlie is the major city in the eastern goldfields region, and is located 596 km east north east of Perth. It was gazetted a townsite in September 1894. Paddy Hannan, Daniel Shea and Thomas Flanagan made a rich gold find near Mt Charlotte in June 1893. The find soon led to a gold rush with thousands of diggers prospecting the rich alluvial field.


When the government decided to declare a townsite here in 1894, the place was locally known as "Hannan's Find", and at first the name "Hannans" was nominated for the townsite. In suggesting the name Hannans to the Commissioner of Crown Lands, the Under Secretary for Lands, R Cecil Clifton, noted that the "native name of the place is "Calgoorlie" but this is rather too much like Coolgardie and if adopted is, I fear likely to lead to postal mistakes". R Cecil Clifton supported "Hannan", but Cabinet chose "Kalgoorlie" in August 1894. Although local preference was for Hannan's Find, Kalgoorlie soon came to be accepted as the name of the rapidly developing town. An alternative spelling of "Kalgurli" was also used unofficially on occasions.


Just when the name Kalgoorlie was first recorded and the precise meaning of the name is unknown. Various sources give it as either meaning: Aboriginal dog chasing a kangaroo; the Aboriginal name of a shrub from the area ("Galgurli");or the Aboriginal name for the local edible silky pear ("Kulgooluh").

Received: 8/5/02 3:38

Hi Jon


I really enjoyed your quiz the other night- but became

a little exasperated with some callers who rang you,

but found some really easy questions too difficult!

Nerves I'm sure it must be attributed to! But to their

credit they rang at least & I didn't especially as I

thought it was a going to be a very quick one!Yes I

was listening as always-though I rarely get a chance

to call at the hour, but I'm always 'tuned in'to the

show as many are. I do hope you keep these quizes

going- not are they fun & entertainging, but you had a

diverse number & ages calling you! Apart from your

usual segements, do you intend to have them every

night they are on? Hope so!

Bye the way,I love receiving your Newsletter! For some

reason I do receive two of each every time. Is there a

reson for this or a clerical error.They appear to be

exactly the same to me? If thats the case, could you

email me only one in future as for one reader two is

not necessary.

With regard to your cold:I'm so glad it's gone.You do

sound better indeed accross the airwaves. Apart from

echinea (Which brand do you use?)what else did you

employ to rid yourself of it? Did you venture to try

the Garlic at all as suggested-yes its a great remedy

for most ailments,but did you try?????





If you & your employees were 99.9% safe at work, that would be good enough,

would'nt it?



Well, in many cases it would be totally unacceptable. Consider the

following list of statistics that show what might occur every day in the UK

if the 99.9% standard was applied to some common events:


* 10 trains would crash

* .15 newborns would be dropped to the floor at birth ( 1 per week)

* 125 improper surgeries would be done

* 27 patients would receive dangerous drugs by mistake

* 72000 cheques would be deducted from the wrong bank accounts

* 88 heartbeats would be missed by each citizen

* 99000 pieces of mail would be lost by the postal service

* hundreds of people would be injured at work



I guess to sum it all up , some of us just can't afford to make a

mistake at all?


Source: Adapted from Proffesional Safety, cited in The Managers Intelligence



Regards Steve


Hi Jon,


Greetings from dear old Germany.


I just thought I had to make a comment about the use of mobile phones in

cars. I really respect your listeners comments, as I think you really do

get a good cross section of the "real" people, as opposed to the cappacino

philosophers in politics and the pressure group industry.


I spend a lot of time travelling the famous autobahns here in Germany

(freeways), etc. I purposely do not have one of those earpiece hands free

things, from experience, because I find it much more annoying to fiddle

around looking for the end of it and then placing on ear and having the

cord flap in front of my face, on the odd occasion that I have to rapidly

take a call. Whether it be a wide open street doing 50, or an autobahn at

150, it is a lot safer to simply grab the phone, make a quick one minute

call then to fiddle around with ear pieces, etc.


I think it should be handled like smoking, or drinking to a particular

limit. People should be warned, educated, encouraged not to do it to

excess. As with a drink while driving, you can do it to a limit, but if you

cause an accident while calling, then you deserve the full brunt of the

law. Quick calls should be allowed.


Two final points: 1.using the analogy of having a drink and then driving -

are people really trying to say that you should totally ban using a mobile

in your hands while driving because you may hit a child that runs out onto

the street. If so then you should totally ban drinking alcohol (0.0 blood

level, as in Eastern Europe) if later driving, because the same thing may


2. That analogy about the child running onto the street sends me over the

top. As a child, I lived near a busy street and was clearly taught by my

parents how I should act when near that road. I cannot understand

situations where parents would allow their children to be put into the

position of possibly being hit by a car being driven by a person supposedly

being distracted using a phone (.. lighting a cigarette, trying to tune in

6PR on the radio...etc.).





BlÈriot had amassed a modest fortune as an inventor of automobile lights and accessories and had taken an early interest in

aviation. He experimented first with towed gliders on the Seine River. Then, as lightweight engines became available, he

developed a series of airplanes of various configurations ranging from box-kite biplanes to a tail-first (canard) monoplane. By

1909 he had settled on more conventional designs; on July 25 of that year he piloted the BlÈriot XI, a monoplane with a

28-horsepower engine, across the English Channel from Calais to Dover. This feat won him lasting fame and a prize of 1,000

offered by the London Daily Mail.


BlÈriot was active in building aircraft for the French government during World War I, first producing trainers of his own

designs, then associating with the makers of the famous Spad fighter. After the war he formed his own company for the

development of commercial aircraft.



The British Crosshead Marine Diesel Engine


Research Guidance Notes



In addition to the papers mentioned below the following general texts provide valuable information with respect to marine diesel engine development.


1. Diesel`s Engine; Volume 1 from conception to 1918. Lyle C. Cummins, Carnot Press, Lake Oswega, Oregon, USA. 1993. ISBN 0917308034. This comprehensive volume deals with the diesel engine from Diesel`s early experiments until the end of WW1 and is about as thorough a work on the subject as can be imagined.


2 The Motor Ship Reference Book, Temple Press, London. Volumes produced each year from 1925 onwards. Each volume contains details of individual engines together with lists of motorships in service and on order. Much valuable information although some is repeated each year.


3. A History of Motorshipping, A.C. Hardy, Whitehall Technical Press, 1955. A very useful guide to the development of the motorship and its machinery from the early days until the 1950s


4. The Motor Ship. A monthly magazine from 1921 onwards giving details of marine diesel engines and motor ships. Photographs of ships, machinery and propulsion engines. Comprehensive if rather biased coverage of diesel engines and motor ships.


5. The Engineer. Monthly magazine dealing with all aspects of engineering but extensive coverage of diesel engines and motor ships particularly during the 1920s. Useful to find dates of significant motor ships from The Motor Ship and then look for unbiased articles in The Engineer.


6. Engineering. Similar to The Engineer


Other useful magazine include The Marine Engineer & Motorship Builder, Shipbuilding & Shipping Record and The Shipbuilder. A number of marine engineering textbooks published during the 1920s and 1030s also contain technical details of the early engines; works by W.C. MacGibbon and J.W.M. Sothern on the Marine Diesel Engine became standard texts for seagoing engineers and they contain much technical detail of engine construction.


Unfortunately much original material from shipbuilders and engine builders has been lost, particularly with respect to engine plans and test bed data. Interesting information regard Cammell Lairds` involvement with the Fullagar engine is preserved in the Laird Archive at Wirral Archives; files 017/0006/000,..../001 and ...../002. Company record books for Swan Hunter can be located at the Tyne & Wear Archive in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but they contain little engineering information.




The key to abbreviations used for papers mentioned below is as follows;

NECIES - North East Coast Institute of Engineers & Shipbuilder

I.Mar.E. - Institute of Marine Engineers

IESSS - Institute of Engineers & Shipbuilders in Scotland

I.Mech.E. - Institute of Mechanical Engineers

INA - Institute of Naval Architectures



Engine Types Covered



1. The Vickers Engine

An early crosshead engine developed by Vickers of Barrow following involvement with the British Admiralty in the application of large diesel engines to the propulsion of fleet oilers and monitors. Vickers developed trunk piston type submarine engines and were one of the first to employ solid fuel injection instead of blast fuel injection.


2. North British Diesel Engine Works

Two types of engine, both of which were unsuccessful. NBDEW became a totally owned subsidiary of Swan Hunter


3. Swan Hunter Neptune Engines

These engines were developed from the Swedish AB Diesel Motorer two-stroke cycle engine for which a licence had been obtained prior to the outbreak of WW1


4. The Fullagar Engine

The marine version of the Fullagar as developed by Cammell Laird was not successful but the land based engine developed by English Electric found application in power stations around the world


4. Scott-Still and Scott Diesel Engines

The Still engine was a heat recovery concept which was soon overcome by engine improvements; the Scott diesel was a reasonable design but orders were in short supply


5. Richardsons Westgarth Double-Acting Engine

A double acting engine design which proved unpopular


7. The Alfred Holt "Water Street" Engine

An engine developed by a shipowner using features of engines already in the fleet


8. The Harland & Wolff Opposed Piston Engine

An engine developed from a design introduced by Burmeister & Wain


9. The Doxford Opposed Piston Engine

The most successful and long lasting of British crosshead marine diesel engines


10. Other Planned British Crosshead Engines





Vickers Engines


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Trefoil * 1917 Vickers 4SSA (two) 8x432x686 560 150

Marinula ** 1916 Vickers 4SSA(two) 8x527x838 932 140

Narragansett *** 1920 Vickers 4SSA (two) 6x622x991 933 118

Seminole **** 1921 Vickers 4SSA (two) 6x622x991 933 118

Scottish Minstrel 1922 Vickers 4SSA(two) 6x622x991 933 118

Scottish Standard 1922 Vickers 4SSA (two) 6x622x991 933 118

Scottish Maiden + 1922 Vickers 4SSA (two) 6x622x991 933 118

Scottish Musician 1922 Vickers 4SSA (two) 6x622x991 933 118

Ondo Maru ++ 1923 Mitsub` Zosen 4SSA 6x464x686 448 150

Moveria 1924 Vickers 4SSA 8x762x1143 2,014 110

Hayatomo Maru ++ 1925 Mitsub` Zosen 4SSA 6x464x686 448 150

Modavia 1927 Vickers 4SSA 8x762x1143 2,014 110


Source: Various editions of The Motor Ship and Lloyd`s Register of Shipping

* Fitted with Admiralty sponsored crosshead engines

** Fitted with Admiralty sponsored Crosshead engine; Sold to Shell Tankers; broken up 1928

*** Broken up 1934

**** Broken up 1936

+ Re-engined with Werkspoor engines 1939

++ Engine exported


1. Eng` Vice-Admiral Sir George Goodwin, "The Development of Diesel Engines for Naval Purposes", Trans` I.E.S.S., 1922; Published in Engineering, vol 113, 28 April 1922.

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3. 1921. No 164679. Vickers` Opposed-Piston Mechanism. Vickers Ltd. & Sir James McKechnie

4. 1921. No 165861. Vickers` Opposed-Piston Engine. Vickers Ltd. & Sir James McKechnie

5. 1921. No 16530. Fuel Pump with Variable Delivery Pressure Sir James McKechnie

6. 1921. No 166658. Vickers` Valve Mechanism Vickers Ltd., Sir James McKechnie & H. Loveridge

7. 1921. No 169260. Air Starting Gear Sir James McKechnie

8. 1922. No 186464. Vickers Opposed-Piston Engine Driving Gear Vickers Ltd. & Sir James McKechnie

9. 1923. No 202867. Vickers Scavenging Pumps Vickers Ltd. & Sir james McKechnie






North British Diesel Engine Works Engines

Vessel Year Ship Builder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Domala 1921 Barclay, Curle & Co 4SSA (two) 8x673x1194 1,675 96

Hauraki 1922 Wm Denny & Co. 4SSA (two) 8x673x1194 1,675 96

Durenda 1922 R. Duncan & Co. 4SSA (two) 8x673x1194 1,675 96

Dumra 1922 C. Hill & Sons Ltd 4SSA(two) 6x381x762 373 165

Dwarka* 1922 C. Hill & Sons Ltd 4SSA(two) 6x381x762 373 165

Dumana 1923 Barclay, Curle & Co 4SSA(two) 8x673x1194 1,675 96

Swanley** 1924 Barclay, Curle & Co 2SDA 3x622x1118 1,492 100

City of Stockholm*** 1925 Barclay, Curle & Co 2SDA 3x622x1118 1,492 100

Storsten **** 1926 Barclay, Curle & Co 2SDA 3x622x1118 1,492 100



Various volumes of The Motor Ship and Lloyd`s Register of Shipping

* Broken up 1937 following grounding in 1935

** Re-engined with Barclay, Curle Doxford 1927

*** Re-engined with SH&WR steam triple expansion 1927

**** Re-engined with Barclay, Curle Doxford 1928



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Swan Hunter Engines


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Arnus 1922 SH&WR 2SSA (two) 6x432x889 783 124

Kistna 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 6x445x889 821 125

Kola 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 6x445x889 821 125

British Motorist 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 8x610x1270 2,387 93

Iossifoglu 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 6x572x1143 1,641 100

Silverpine + 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 6x572x1143 1,641 100

Silverlarch + 1924 SH&WR 2SSA 6x572x1143 1,641 100

British Petrol ++ 1925 SH&WR 2SSA 8x610x1270 2,387 93

Lenfield 1925 SH&WR 2SSA 4x610x1270 1,120 -

Neptunian 1925 SH&WR 2SSA 6x610x1270 - -

Athelking +++ 1925 SH&WR 2SSA 6x572x1143 1,641 100




Various volumes of The Motor Ship and Lloyd`s Register of Shipping

+ Re-engined with R-W Double acting engine 1935

++ Re-engined 1937 with Vickers-MAN Double acting engine following crankshaft failure

+++ Re-engined 1934 with twin Kincaid/B&W engines


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14. 1926. No 243077. Swan Hunter Double-Ended Piston-Cooling System SH&WR, P. Belyavin & F. Rowntree




Fullagar Engines


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Fullagar + 1920 Lairds 2SOP 4x356x1016 375 125

Malia ++ 1921 Hamilton 2SOP(two) 4x470x1270 746 115

La Playa +++ 1923 Lairds 2SOP(four) 4x356x812 615 250

La Marea ++++ 1924 Lairds 2SOP(four) 4x356x812 615 250

Baron Dalmeny ** 1924 Hamilton 2SOP 6x470x1270 1,119 115

British Aviator * 1924 Palmers 2SOP 6x584x1829 2,238 90

British Chemist* 1925 Palmers 2SOP 6x584x1829 2,238 90

Florida Maru *** 1925 Kawasaki 2SOP 6X559x1676 1,865 91

Cuba Maru *** 1926 Kawasaki 2SOP 6x559x1676 1,865 91



Various editions of The Motor Ship and Lloyd`s register of Shipping

+ Engine removed 1921; renamed Caria

++ Former Fullagar engine installed together with another of same size; Larger engines as indicated installed May 1923:

Renamed Daga 1928; re-engined with Denny Sulzers 1930

+++ Electric drive; re-engine with Fiat engines 1928

++++ Electric drive; 1930 Renamed Darien & turbines fitted

* Engines built by Palmers; 1930 re-engined with Doxfords

** Engine built by Rowan; Re-engined Kincaid H&W/B&W 4-S engine 1929

*** Engine built by John Brown



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Scott-Still & Scott Engines


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Dolius 1924 Scotts Still(two) 4x559x914 933 120

Eurybates * 1928 Scotts Still(two) 5x686x11432+ 2x610x1143 1,865 105

Anshun ** 1930 Scotts 2SSA 6x686x1118 2,238 112

Yochow *** 1933 Scotts 2SSA 5x559x914 932 116

Yunnan **** 1934 Scotts 2SSA 5x559x914 932 116



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* Steam cylinders replaced by diesels 1947

** Sold by China Navigation Company 1946; broken up 1966 after serious damage to ship.

*** Sold by China Nav` Co. 1960; broken up 1972

**** Sold by China Nav` Co. 1959; broken up 1971



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Richardsons Westgarth Double Acting Engine


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Irania 1929 Blythswood S.B. Co 2SDA 3x546x965 933 90

Silverpine 1924 re-engined 1935 2SDA 4x699x1200 2,984 110

Silverlarch 1924 re-engined 1935 2SDA 4x699x1200 2,984 110

Empire Chancellor 1945 J. Laing & Sons 2SDA 5x699x1200 3,357 105

Empire Inventor 1945 . Laing & Sons 2SDA 5x699x1200 3,357 105



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Alfred Holt "Water Street" Engine


Vessel Year ShipBuilder Type Cylinder Size(mm) Power kW RPM

Maron 1930 Caledon 4SSA(two) 6x620x1300 2,052 138

Clytoneus 1930 Scotts 4SSA(two) 6x620x1300 2,052 138

Myrmidon 1930 Scotts 4SSA(two) 6x620x1300 2,052 138

Polyphemus 1930 Scotts 4SSA(two) 6x620x1300 2,052 138



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1. 1924. No 213802. Wallsend Slipway Double-Acting Engine Wallsend Slipway and J.S. Simm

2. 1924. No 216339. Wallsend Slipway Piston Cooling Arrangement Wallsend Slipway

Hi Jon Heard the tail end of part of your show when the lady was talking

about being charged $8 to change foreign currency.

How about this for extortion? My mother passed away last year (in UK) and

I received a 1200 pound cheque from her insurance company. On presenting

this to my bank; with whom I have banked for over 20 years; I was told

that it would need to be investigated as the amount was too high for them

to risk putting straight into my account. This investigation cost me

$50!!! When the notice came that it had been credited into my account (at

the current exchange rate - not that at the time I presented the cheque) I

found another $10 commission had been debited. I am still trying to get

over it!! Regards Sue

Jon I started using the 6pr streaming on the internet as a means to

demonstrate to buyers of the custom computers I build some of the things

and places they can visit with a good computer and internet connection. I

now listen on a regular basics. We are 13 hrs apart. I wanted to tell you

how much I enjoy your program and those who call in, and tell you my

location, Alpharetta, Georgia USA 30004 that is thirty miles north of

downtown. Do you check your e-mail while on the air? A comment about the

caller who opposed defense spending for more social programs here in

America the biggest problem we have now is bleeding heart liberals and over

taxation. Regards Bill

Dear Jon, Please send me your newsletters by email. In tonights program you

should ask the listeners for their opinion about channel seven's report on

children wagging school.

I was born in Hungary and left when I was in seventh grade. The doors were


and a roll call was made by the principal every morning. When everyone was

accounted for, school started and before each class began the names were

checked again. Anyone missing was immediately reported to the principal who

contacted the

parents or guardian. In my opinion it is the school's responsibility to

know where their

students are.Mind you the system of going to school from 9-1 one week and

1-5 the

following week was better than the Australian system.

Thank you, andrew













Hi Jon I heard you talking about christmas cards whilst driving home .

These two cards attached come from the early 1900s they are embroidered

on organza then attached to a postcard. One has a flap with a small

card inside. I also have a birthday card of similar construction from

My Grandmothers album.

regards Brian



Good Morning again Jon,


A slight corrrection - re Australia Day!

26th January 1788 (213 years ago) Captain James Cook arrived in Botany Bay - hence Australia Day - not Federation - January 1 1901!!!



I read an article in the Daily Telegraph today that said it like it is. It

is entitled DETAINEES AWAIT VERDICTS. It points out that "about 80% of the

Afghani detainees in Woomera are getting an answer on their protection

applications within 18 weeks but the ones protesting are likely to know the

answer already - and it's no. Their problem is they travelled to Australia

via another country, such as Pakistan, where they may have lived for years

in safety. UN rules stipulate a refugee (defined as a person with a genuine

fear of persecution) must apply for refugee status in the first safe haven

they reach. They can't "cherry pick" a wealthy country if they are safe in

a poor country."


I thought it was a refreshingly truthful and objective article; not like the

emotional beat-up that we are subjected to daily.







jon love your show, especially your views on education . as a chalkie' your segment on being sued is uppermost in my mind but, parents expect you to take the kids on camp for a week, medicate them ,wash the sheets as some unfortunately still wet the bed leave your own family when you are away, and as a sole parent i have to get my mum to look after my son, not get any overtime or expenses ..not that i care, but teachers are perceived as being overpaid and having too many holidays............. you say why do it! because if i can help one kid not fear failure or try to help them with life learning skills i have done something. anyway, may i have your newsletter........ta jen

Hello Jon,


Thanks for the lovely Newsletter. I enjoy reading it. I love listening to you on 6pr after midnight when I can't sleep. ~~~ I am learning Line-dancing, you don't need a partner. ~~~ I will make this short, as you requested... first time I am writing to you, I will ring up when I get the courage.... Bye for now.... Liz Brown from Morley, West Aust.


Listerning to you from Vancouver, Canada


Hi John! : o )


Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoy your show and radio station. My husband, son & I are regular listeners.


I'm a 'sandgroper' who went to Vancouver, Canada in 1972 to visit my Canadian boyfriend who I had met while he lived in Perth for a couple of years. We were married within 12 months, & have been happily married ever since.


Through the years we have been back to Perth 11 times and it is important to us to know what is going on in Perth. To keep up with what's happening in Perth, where our family & friends live, we have created a link to your website to read your news and listen to your shows on a daily basis. -- So...know you have faithful listeners in Vancouver, Canada.


My husband, Rich, has a message for Jenny: Though he didn't receive a reply to his e-mail he sent her, we did manage to remember her maiden name! (early '70's)


With the 16 hour time difference between Perth and Vancouver, it is currently Sunday morning nearing 10:00 a.m. We've had a skiff of snow over night creating a picture postcard winter scene of the city. The snow is now melting under the morning sunshine with an outside temperature of +3 C. Mind you, inside our home we enjoy +21 C.


Keep up the great work at 6PR...the voice of Perth!


Faithful listeners in Vancouver,

Miriam (nee Melrose), Rich, and Craig Pender

Dear Jon,

Have just been reading Newletter No. 32 which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I thought I would fwd this email to you, it looks like these financial scams have started again and via email instead of appearing in the mail. This fellow is asking for people to open up a non resident account (so I guess he wants peoples details, and so therefore information that would allow him to access their accounts (so he can deposit his millions of dollars in it he says.....ha ha), what he means of course is take our money out. Surely Perth people wouldn't be so stupid as to be taken in by this proposition, but then again some folk get a bit greedy themselves when an offer seems to good to be true...(that means it usually is too good and isn't true) Perhaps you could make a small mention of it to the jims that read the newsletter for comment. I guarantee I won't be the only one who has received it. I'll just paste it in here and you can skim through it.




A simple solution to motor bikes and speed cameras.


Radar will give accurate readings whether it is aimed towards oncoming traffic or towards the direction of flow. All it does is compare the time difference between the echo return of two consecutive pulses. the change in time for the return is then converted to a speed and if you are exceeding the speed limit it triggers the camera. This is a basic use of the doppler effect.


The simple solution now. Face the cameras to where you are going not where you came from. Bikes must display a number plate on the rear of the bike. This way they can be got as well. I know this will work as this is the way that they do it in Victoria and South Australia (that I know of).


Mind you they get some fairly interesting shots of riders diong the weirdest things to cover up the number plate.


Well my night is done now, just finished 9 1/2 hours at work and the kids get up in about 3 more.


Grest show for us security guards.



Hi Jon,


I am writing to express my sadness over the death of George Harrison and I

do have a favour to ask your listeners if they can help at all but first

I'll write about my memories of George.


I'm only 21 so I wasn't around at the time of the Beatles but I have been a

fan of their music ever since I can remember and George has always been my

favourite simply because of his clear talent.


I am also a huge fan of motor sport as was George. I'm 1997 after 5 years

of saving up, I bought myself a pit lane pass for the Australian Formula 1

Grand Prix in Melbourne. I knew George was going to be there but I never

expected to meet him.


It was about an hour before the race started when I looked up and saw a man

who looked very familier. Needless to say it was George. I wasn't quite

sure how to approch him so I decided like I would do it as I would any other

person. I walked up to him and said "Hi, How are you?" and his response was

"Fantastic, nervous...I hope Michael Schumacher doesn't win but other then

that, Fantastic" We then proceeded to talk for about 10 minutes with no

mention of The Beatles or who he was, just about the race and how nice the

day was.


Just before we said goodbye to each other I plucked up to the courage to ask

him for an autograph and he very kindly signed my shirt that I was wearing

(I have that shirt framed in my house and I will keep it for the rest of my

life). George then said "I'm happy to see that people youur age like what

we did" and I when I told him that most of my friends where Beatles fans he

seemed honesly suprised but proud at the same time.


We then said goodbye and I never saw him again. I will never forget that

meeting ever. I was struck by how down to earth he was in that he probably

would have never mentioned who he was if I hadn't asked him for the



The question that I have for your listeners is that I was wondering if

anyone knows an address that I could write to that may have a small chance

of his family recieving a condolence card. It would mean a lot to me to be

able to send one.


All the best Jon,



I generally listen to PR all day as I do my deliveries, but as I start at 4 am everyday it's great to hear you in the mornings.


Max on Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 20:16:45

ew simple words can get right to the heart of what living is about. Or more precisly some specific aspects of life, like the realtionships between people. How such can be a constant ballancing act between what we would liek the world to believe we are, and what we really are inside. Even to those whom we care about and are close to us.

Hi Jon,


I have bought books from both which is the site you

checked out as well as


Both sites provided fantastic service and had the books I was looking for.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if the search you do doesn't find

those books often the search engines on these sites focus mainly on their

current specials catalouge. All of these sites have e-mail addresses and if

you e-mail them with a specific book they can often find it for you even if

it doesn't come up on the searches you do on their sites.


An example. I e-mailed Dymocks from their website trying to find "I Me

Mine" which was George Harrison's 1979 autobiography. Its largely out of

print yet they still manged to find it for me.


I hope that helps,



Your comments on Credit Cards is most interesting,. I would guess that

your banks have lost the legal battle with American Express who feel

justified in braking the banking monopoly, This just happened in major

litigation both here and in Canada. The banks were forced to allow

competition. You,ll now see many banks marketing The American Express

card just like they do Visa, offering more alternatives.


On this subject this was my business for 35 years with Amex in New York,

Hawaii,Cleveland,St Louis, Toronto and London. In fact I was with the

original group of five that put The Amex card into Europe in 1963.

/There were no plastic cards there then. In fact when I started with

Amex our cards were made of Cardboard!!There are now 360 Million plastic

cards in Europe and I hope the Europeans aren't mad at me for bringing

them into the "never never" world!!

I remember a meeting with the General Manager of Harrod's(London's big

dept store)He told me that they never dunned

Royalty or titled customers even if they ran seriously past due because

they believed they were good advertising for their business. I asked him

about his accounting system and he showed me to a room with over 60

filing cabinets containing customer accounts(even some in theUS) I got

him to take The Amex Card eventually telling him that I could eliminate

these files.


Do you know that in ten years a plastic card will be obsolete?

Retina,thumprint,our voice recognition at the point of sale will take

care of a cash register.

Hope your golf is going well.


Our Carolina weather has been super so I get to play almost every day.

My putting if off just a little but my Taylormade 360 Driver gets me

down the middle everytime.

Slazenger golf balls or soft balls (less than 80 percussion) are

the best for duffers like you and I


Gday Mate. Good on Ye!!!!



Henry (the Carolina Irishman)

Also, I have a site that I try to visit regularly, it's when you click on the button the site's sponsors

donate one cup of staple food to needy people. Whether it's all above

aboard or not I will not know for sure, but i have decided that one 10

second click is not much of my time and if it really does help people who

are starving, that makes me feel happy to help. love Nic

(Origin of Eggnog) I thought it was English originally, but it definitely

hits the spot, especially in those chillier Northern Hemisphere Christmas'!

(Read more in Listener Soup)It is made as a punch, and can be served cold

in a punchbowl, or hot (don't boil or the milk can curdle). Hot punches

used to be the correct thing to serve to carol sings at Christmas time to

warm them up - heady mixtures like Brandy Bishops, Hot Buttered Rum or Hot

Toddies, filled with spices. Hot punches should be served from metal bowls

to avoid the possibility of cracking china or glass. For cold punch, a

large block of ice in a punch bowl makes a more efficacious coolant than

ice cubes. It melts less fast, so does not dilute the drink, and makes it

easier to use a lade for serviing. Here are some recipes for Eggnog:


2 eggs, separated

6 teaspoons sugar

1 bottle brandy

1 quart/litle milk

4 ounces dark rum (I can convert that if you like)

1 quart lightly whipped cream

Grated nutmeg.


Beat the yolks lightly with the sugar. While beating, add the brandy, milk,

rum and whipped cream. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold into the

mixture. Chill for sever hours. Serve in wine glasses and sprinkle with

nutmeg. Enough for 25



12 eggs

1 1/2 cups sugar

900 mls cream

1 650ml bottle bourbon

1 cup rum

3 litres milk

Separate the eggs. Beat whites until stiff and then beat in 1/2 cup sugar.

Set aside. Whip cream and set aside. Beat egg yoks with a pinch of salt and

1 cup sugar. Add Bourbon, rum and milk. More milk can be used for a weaker

mixture or commercial etgg nog for a richer mixture (in place of milk).

Fold egg whites in to egg yolk mixture and lastly folk in whipped cream.

Age in refrigerator at least one day before serving. Top with nutmeg when

serving. NOTE: If you drink more than one glass of this, don't drive




1/2 cup sugar

3 egg yolks

1/4 tsp salt

4 cups whole milk, scalded

1/8 tsp salt

3 egg whites

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Beat 1/2 cup sugard into egg yolks; add 1/4 tsp salt and stir in milk

slowly. Cook in double boiler until mixture coats spoon, stirring

constantly.. Cool. Add 1/8 tsp salt to egg whites and beat stiff; add

remaining 1/4 cup sugar, beat well and add to custard with vanilla. Mix

thoroughly and chill 4 hours. Pile lightly into punch cups. Sprinkle with

freshly grated nutmeg. Serves 6 to 8.

Some things are better left unsaid


Some things are better left unsaid

&#8221;Do you love me, really, you have been alone so long

Do you love me, would you want to marry me?

Or is it only because I asked you?&#8221;

Are you afraid you will get bored with me?

Are you afraid I will regret

Wanting to be with you?&#8221;


Life is not perfect, love is not perfect

Sometimes we have to allow self-delusion

To fill the place of real feelings

Why throw everything out

Because the love we perceive does not fit

The image that, sugar coated play-acting

Has led us to believe, is the way it should be?


Some things are better left unsaid

Lest the house of cards

That we have struggled so hard to protect

Should be blown away by an instant of cold realization

And we are left naked and ashamed,

That we were not what we tried to pretend

Some things are better left unsaid


K O Hfgglv 24yr Gmalihlv 2001


How are you going Jon, i just visited your web page and was amazed by your

photo. I always thought you were older, i mean alot older, i think it is

your voice. It sounds as if you are around about 40.



i just wanted to drop u a line to say thanks for your show......i wake

around 4:30 am everyday to start work down here on the golf course.(my

alarm is set to 6pr)...i usually don the walkman around 5 am and head out

on course with 6pr in my ear..i would like to congratulate you for the way

in which you conduct yourself in the wee hours keeping it fresh and

interesting and also for the way with which you deal with

`difficult`callers,, you should have been a diplomat Jon. It is good to

hear someone near my age(27) doing talkback and i promise i will make time

soon to give you a call...i have tried to get on for a few quizzes but i am

always too slow.

many thanks again mate





I am the listener in North America. Specifically Methuen which is 45

minutes North of Boston, Massachusetts.



The LONG time listener.....





Hi Jon,

Can you, or one of your 'JIMS' tell me where the expression 'Break a

leg' comes from ? Thanks, Judy.

(Can you help Judy? JL)

Jon Hi, if your party pictures are any indication it must have been a blast.

Belated birthday wishes.













Fri, 23 Nov 2001 03:23:58 +1100 (EST)


The Grade Seven class at my son's primary school wrote this & I thought it was quite apt at this time especially. Hope you enjoy.


"The world would be a better place if: Violence was turned into a debate not war.


Swearing was turned into compliments.


War was turned into clean water for the thirsty.


Guns were turned into food for the hungry.


Bullets were turned into shelter for the homeless.


Knives were turned into money for the poor.


Drugs were turned into clothes for the cold.


If we all tried the world could be a better place for our children and our children's children."


Apparently they (Yr 7's) have been reflecting on Justice and how we could make the world a better place.

Only some of us lost that innocence in the teenage years but all most of us tried to regain it somewhere along the line. But what happened - it's not so easy is it. But a good start for the kids at that age.

Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 20:08:09

Jon, some weeks ago my wife heard someone on your programme speaking about migrants to WA and their date of arrival. So far I have not been able to find the corrct link to the information.If you have the time, or your producer, could you email me the link to follow it up. We arrived on the 5th Feb. 1966 on the SS Canberra, and would like to regain contact with some fellow passengers to find out how they have fared and with a view to a reunion of sorts..Some I know , did not make it past the gates at Graylands Hostel and went back, which was their misfortune.

Keep up the good work,and enjoy your programme very much.

Thanking you, Gordon.

Thursday, November 8, 2001 at 10:40:35


message: CommentHello, John. Living here in CA I really don't get to listen to you except really early Monday mornings, your time. I must say I find it fascinating that so many of the problems you face over there are no different than our own.


I honestly have to say that I understand Australia's hesitation at getting involved in Afghanistan. I think there are those of us over here who wonder at the wisdom of the "war" in which we find ourselves. Yet over four thousand of our citizens were coldly and deliberately slaughtered by terorist forces, so we surely need to do something. Clearly, there is no room for dialogue with someone who wants to kill you and is himself willing to die achieving that purpose.


All the best from central California.


David McElroy